Chapter 6 – Summoned Beast

Summoning masters can possess several summoned beasts. The summoned beasts are tied for life to be with only one summoning master. The summoned beast shares its fate and grows with its summoning master. In return, the summoned beast provides the benefit of allowing summoning master to automatically obtain the summoned beast’s skills.

Most summoning masters still at the initial stage are unable to contract with a summoning beast. They must wait until their cultivation rises, then can they select a high ranked summoning beast to form a contract with.

Qing Pu’s body is a first ranked Oppressor Dandelion. His hand was a thin, frail stem with withered and yellow leaves.

It doesn’t have any special characteristics. For example, a tree spirit summoned beast has poison based attacks or binding abilities but the Oppressor Dandelion’s only instinct is to eat.

To most people, it is considered a worthless beast to contract with, but in Yue Jing Hua’s eyes, it is somewhat different.

The beaten dog has to find a master. This whole time, Yue Jing Hua bore in mind that this first ranked Oppressor Dandelion is Qing Pu’s true form.

In Qing Pu’s view, even if it is not useful, then at least it’s a life saving tool. Also, it is unlikely to find an abandoned trunk for the Oppressor Dandelion to live parasitically on.

To have this Oppressor Dandelion is tantamount to containing a diamond ranked summoning master. Most of all, this summoning master will help her become a summoning master herself.

Merely knowing Qing Pu’s personality made Yue Jing Hua’s have another idea in her heart. She refrained from answering him and put on a bothered face.

Qing Pu could hardly control his excitement. Before the current Yue Jing Hua appeared before him, he had already resisted against the evil lines for three years now. His formidable strength had more or less been corroded and worn down.

Certainly, after the Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon had appeared, Qing Pu has felt his vitality recover. Even if he is unable to condense a fake body, he can gradually get stronger.

Nothingness existed at the canon’s space. The Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon was immersed in the middle of the vast sea of stars.

After Yue Jing Hua slightly pondered over it, she agreed to it.

“To my singing chants, awaken and summon thy blood.” A cyan and amber drop of blood flew out from Qing Pu’s body and entered between Yue Jing Hua’s eyebrows.

As the blood drop entered her body, countless roars and howls of beasts were heard in her ears.

It was like opening up a scroll of mythologies from ancient times, as the ancient Summoning Shaman Clan’s blood entered Yue Jing Hua.

An ancient giant dragon tore across the vast sky. With wings like a bursting hurricane, the ninth ranked mysterious beast had its chest torn asunder. The blood mixed together and an ancient roar thundered in her ears.

The first rank bronze grade Heavenly Summoning Formation appeared and revolved in her head. The summoning master mnemonic chant was branded into her memories. From the blood drop of a tamed beast, to the summoning sacred canon, to the Heavenly Summoning Formation, the entire history of the evolution of summoning master’s was stored into her brain, flashing by one after another.

It was like going through an endless millennium and a short wink of time all at once, which moved Yue Jing Hua’s heart a bit.

A young and delicate Qing Pu appeared on her hands.

From the leaf to the stem, the Oppressor Qing Pu’s every slightest and subtle thought distinctly manifested in Yue Jing Hua’s mind. Her intentions were also immediately transmitted to Qing Pu.

That sort of intimate state of mind where they mutually shared such delicate emotions greatly startled Yue Jing Hua.

This is her summoned beast. After obtaining a summoning host, the Oppressor Qing Pu unfolded out a blade of leaf. On top was a bristle that rubbed against her hand, tickling it.

“Attack,” Yue Jing Hua ordered mentally. The Oppressor Qing Pu leaf cracked open a pair of human like lips. It secreted out an unpleasantly sticky liquid.

The sticky liquid could hit targets five meters away. The attacked beast had a probability of mysteriously falling into a coma like state. The sticky liquid also contained a type of decomposing essence and quickly broke down the beast’s flesh, blood, and fur.

Yue Jing Hua’s fingers moved. A glowing vein composed of different elements flowed through her fingertips. As she fell at the last second, an unfamiliar yet familiar summoning sound lingered in the ear. Five dazzling Heavenly Summoning Formations supported her.

Qing Pu secretly lamented: she successfully performed the summoning formation on her first try. Even if he had the descendants to pass on techniques, he would be hard pressed to find such an innate talent for summoning.

Protecting the small and weak dandelion, Yue Jing Hua suddenly let out a sound. Her physique, under the first of Nine Transformations of Fortune’s Merit, restored her ninth rank profound human cultivation. If the strength of good fortune integrates with the Oppressor Qing Pu, something might happen.

She used the strength of good fortune to blend with Qing Pu.

Suddenly, the Heavenly Summoning Formation brightly lit up. Qing Pu let out a joyful groan. The originally thin and delicate stem became several times thicker and stronger. Suddenly, its dark colors paled. The first leaf turned into two.

“Rank advancement,” Yue Jing Hua outwardly rejoiced, but quickly returned to the matter at hand.

Alongside Qing Pu’s rise to second rank, her and Qing Pu’s body gradually became transparent. Ultimately, they completely disappeared before Qing Pu’s eyes.

Qing Pu only then responded, faltering in speech saying: “A Rank advancement variation, who would have thought that this Oppressor Pu would gain an variation technique after advancing.”

The dark sky trickled away. As daybreak came, the darkness broke with bright lights.

In ice cold air, Yue Jing Hua opened her eyes. Her emotionless eyes focused.

The invisible summoning host procured a summoned beast’s ability. She has already became the Azure Dragon Continent’s first and probably only invisible profound practitioner.

Although this ability can only be maintained for one stick of incense, one stick of incense is already enough time for Yue Jing Hua to escape countless situations.

The wind blowed through and her chest became cold. Yue Jing Hua inadvertently lowered her head, and what she saw stunned her on the spot.

No matter who, whoever is discovered naked enjoying the sun, and moreover still have the man’s clothing hanged over it would have Yue Jing Hua’s response.

Last night, she was at a river stream attempting to breakthrough her strange body’s cultivation, which set off the evil line’s yin force, and had to furiously fight to enter the Rare Calligraphy Heavenly sea of consciousness where Qing Pu created a contract between them.

What happened last night at the riverbed? Yue Jing Hua is unable to remember a bit of it. Where did the clothes on her body come from?

“Yue Jing Hua” is sixteen. She developed early and has a background as a profound qi cultivator. Long legs and a thin waist, her figure is much more developed than the average woman. Using the 23rd century standard, she was close to 1.7 meters tall.

The heaven sent white leather armor she was wearing had a huge slash through it. She slowly looked at the ground and saw that the original owner of the white leather armor must have been very tall, with him being at least 1.8 meters tall, if not taller.

The white leather armor was exquisitely hand crafted. It softly and flexibly molded itself to her skin. It was said that the outfit could be worn during warm summer days as well as cold winter days. Not a single stitch can be seen on the armor. Even the current Yue Jing Hua’s profound qi is unable to tear through it. It was difficult to tell what rank of mysterious beast’s leather was used to manufacture it.

An Investigation of her surroundings showed no human’s trace, and the riverside had no tracks left behind.

The leathered armor only gave off a faint fragrance and had not a single sign or mark. Her personal items showed no sign of being disturbed. This leather armor seemed like it appeared out of nowhere.

The white rhinoceros leather armor’s quality was much better than her old and shabby deerskin armor by a lot. Since it was comfortable, Yue Jing Hua unrestrainedly accepted it.

A person’s silhouette flew towards the Hundred Beast Mountain.

In an instant, seven days passed.

In the middle of Hundred Beast Mountain’s hillside, a number of sounds can be heard, such as a tiger hissing as it burst towards the earth like a clap of thunder.

A third ranked iron-backed tiger arched its back. With its four strong and vigorous limbs, it leaped upwards.

Long legs carrying profound qi ripped apart the surrounding air. The strong wind produced by matchless legs propelled the iron-backed tiger’s stomach downwards.

The iron-backed tiger sent out a roar. Its body splayed out and its sharp pointed tiger claws then went to grab.

The person suddenly disappeared, leaving only claw marks on the ground in its place. The tiger felt uncertain.

A ghost appeared in the panther’s shadow as if on command.

Third ranked iron-backed tigers had spines like iron and limbs like steel, with its only weakness being a soft spot three inches below the abdomen. The iron-backed tiger was kicked and collided against the mountain wall, causing the mountain rocks to come tumbling down.

A charming and tender human body slowly descended. Her black hair was unrestrainedly flicked away. Her posture held unusual grace. Yue Jing Hua was smeared with greasy sweat. Her appearance held a murderous look that gradually disappeared.

The third ranked mysterious beast was beaten to death.

Do not look at today’s Yue Jing Hua easy and natural slaughter. Just seven days prior, when she had first met a mysterious beast, she was confused on what to do.

In her past life, she was a female spy. She was good at dealing with other people. The human body has lethal acupoints, so she when she was faced with strong opponents she would use her acupoint knowledge. Although her profound strength is less than the opponent’s, her martial art skill takes them by surprise, which allows her to smoothly defeat them in one strike.

All of Hundred Beast Mountain’s mysterious beasts are different. For the most part, they are tough. Their speed and attack power are all stronger than an average mercenary. A mysterious beast’s bodies cannot be the same as a human’s. It’s hard to avoid this disparity.

Fortunately, after the current Yue Jing Hua has undergone the Nine Transformations of Fortune’s Merit, her body contains the strength of good fortune and she has her assassin-like martial arts to help her. Her ninth ranked cultivation sufficiently matched the tough third ranked mysterious beasts.

For several days in a row, she was in the middle of the mountains capturing mysterious beasts to practice on. At night, she was in the Heavenly Rare Calligraphy sea of consciousness training. She already faintly sensed the past few days are equivalent to breaking through the human profound bottleneck.

After the iron-backed tiger fell to the ground, a small cyan colored stem of a cattail emerged from the earth. On top, it has several verdant colored fine haired leaves. The little Oppressor Pu absorbed the paws of the the iron-backed tiger. Saliva dripped from its leaves, leaving behind a satisfied plant. If one was not carefully watching, it would not be easy to discover it.

“I’ll bring this tiger’s corpse down the mountain.” Her hand went to scratch little Qing Pu’s leaf crown. The cyan colored leaf resentfully swayed about. After swallowing the large number of mysterious beasts, allowed Qing Pu’s leaves to grow by a fold.

The Oppressor Qing Pu’s disposition and evil spirit Qing Pu are not the same at all. The plant’s intelligence is not as quick. However, due to taking in the strength of good fortune, it was particularly close to Yue Jing Hua.

“Don’t be greedy, this time you have swallowed over a hundred mysterious beasts. You didn’t even leave any leather or wool. I’ve let you play around with this area’s mysterious beasts, trees and as well as people, making even a third ranked iron-backed tiger to be hard to come across. This tiger corpse will be used to stifle the population and allow me to avoid Old Xia’s inquiries on why I come back empty handed every time I go up the mountain, and believe I really am going out.” Yue Jing Hua’s attractive long legs kicked the more than 200 jin tiger, and it flew into the air as easily as a leaf in the sky, only for it to land on her shoulders to be carried out of the mountains.

On the way, she saw a few old mercenaries walking by. The group, upon seeing her carrying a iron-backed tiger, was flabbergasted.

“Jing Hua, once you come, the old uncles will come to steal alcohol to drink,” these people are old mercenaries, who came to Hundred Beast Mountain to catch and kill mysterious beasts to make a living. The cultivators were all at about fourth or fifth ranked Profound Humans. This kind of achievement for mercenaries belong to the lowest. In addition, the elderly are unable to live outside.

“Haha, if the uncles must drink alcohol then I will treat them all to a drink this afternoon,” Her long hair was deliberately tied at the back of her head, creating a fresh appearance. Yue Jing Hua does not care about showing the disfigured side of her face. The youth’s brilliant smile quickly influenced the several old mercenaries’ mood.

This child called Yue Jing Hua, goes to the Hundred Beast Mountain weekly. Initially, everyone believed she was a student from one of those great countries that was here to join the trial by fire for a period of time and quickly leave afterwards.

A week ago on that evening, the fiery red sunset burned across the sky.

At the Hundred Beast Mountain’s free market, a disfigured young girl walked around. As she walked, she left behind bloody footprints.

From the mountain top, she walked alone downwards. She disregarded the free market’s numerous eyes and continuously walked towards the market’s most remote family corner store, known as Old Xia’s general store.

After she entered, Old Xia’s beady eyes nearly popped out. Yue Jing Hua brought dozens of first and second ranked profound pellets with her.

Out of dozens of mysterious beasts, there might be only one profound pellet. To obtain that many, she must have slaughtered a great number of mysterious beasts.

After Yue Jing Hua exited the store, she changed directions and moved towards the free market’s pub.

Soon after, the next week gave witness to an open and uninhibited youth. She openly drank alcohol, ate meat to the bones, and showed a mercenary’s bright and vigorous disposition. She gave the people rumors to inquire at the Hundred Beast Mountain and the mercenary’s circles.

In a short seven days, she completely integrated herself into the free market’s life. Almost no one remembered she was not really a mercenary. She is merely a trial by fire student.

After Yue Jing Hua gave out a greeting, the old mercenaries each advanced towards the mountain. They refrained from blurting out their inquiries. A iron-backed tiger is a third ranked mysterious beast. It has thick hides and powerful strength. Most of all, its jaws has an astonishing force that can rip things apart. Even when veteran mercenaries encounter it, they will have difficulty, let alone a newcomer. How exactly did she behead the iron-backed tiger by herself?

After the old mercenaries were far away, Yue Jing Hua’s smile disappeared. It is best to get along with all types of people in order to quickly gain their trust. This is the female spy’s most important and innate skill.

In order to avoid the mercenaries going up the mountain, Yue Jing Hua turned and advanced down towards a secluded trail, where not even a single person can be seen. Passing by the dilapidated walls and broken cliff slopes, she heard a battle hawk’s cry.

In the Hundred Beast Mountain, hawk class mysterious beasts were rare. The only kind nearby were the type that built nests. This was a third ranked mysterious beast, the crying wind hawk.

Only one person can pass through at a time down the steep cliffs with the two third ranked crying wind hawks circling around.

Yue Jing Hua placed the tiger to one side and quickly walked to the side of the cliff. The two hawks that were flying in circles already disappeared into the cliff’s side.

The overhanging rocks at the cliff dropped. The clouds curled around, and the piercingly cold mountain breeze felt like small knives. A scream was heard.

Yue Jing Hua raised her eyebrow. The ninth ranked profound human prepared to battle the two third ranked crying wind hawks. Although it might not be worth the effort, the two hawks are both third rank mysterious beasts, making it more likely to produce a profound pellet. An audacious thought emerged in Yue Jing Hua’s head.

The timid go hungry, while the bold eat their fill. How can one catch a tiger cub without entering the tiger’s lair? After thinking for a while, Yue Jing Hua licked her lips that had been blown dry by the mountain breeze. She lowered her head and mumbled: “Bring it on.”

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Chapter 5 – The Beautiful Male Summoning Master

Qing Pu couldn’t help but stare blankly, and his golden eyes became a bit dignified.

Because of an unlucky incident, he became dormant in Yue Jing Hua’s body for many years, and understands “Yue Jing Hua” very well.

“She” does not have a tough disposition and is cowardly and timid. She is a young aristocratic miss who is excessively protected by her clan. Her mental strength is so weak, “he” never had to face bold opposition.

However, tonight’s Yue Jing Hua was different. Precisely speaking, this Yue Jing Hua who had been sneakily hijacked was completely different.

Her incredible intelligence was not something Qing Pu would expect.

It’s like exchanging one person for another. Today, Yue Jing Hua’s state of mind is quick and nimble. For starters, she is ruthless and vicious. Not only that, but she suddenly showed this extreme talent at fifteen!

“I caused “Yue Jing Hua’s” to appear to have a lack of cultivation. I’m one of the thirteen shamans from ancient times. Although I am a Profound Shaman, I’m not evil. Your fiendish black gas has nothing to do with to me. Nor am I the person responsible for the evil spirit lines. Also, you may have just realized it, but it’s only due to our joined abilities that we could control it.” Qing Pu’s words caused Yue Jing Hua to suffer from shock. She never expected that her right face was caused by evil spirit lines.

The Azure Dragon Continent has several mysterious ways to increase the speed of cultivation. The most common methods were diligent cultivation and medicine pellets, but two methods were particularly extreme. One was to hunt mysterious beasts and extract strength from their profound pellets. The second way was to carve spirit lines.

The two types of spirit lines were evil lines and and sacred lines, which were yin and yang in nature.

Legend has it that on the Azure continent was a mystical ancient art. Engraving totem-like lines on humans, beasts, or even weapons could assist them in absorbing dark profound spirit qi from the atmosphere.

Evil lines absorb yin qi, and sacred lines absorb yang qi.

With regards to profound qi, the violent yin qi was the most difficult to control. It was very possible to sink into your heart’s devil and very difficult to extricate yourself from it, so evil lines were only useful in some large mysterious beasts, and were rarely used on the body.

However, the opposing gentle yang qi was easier to control, so sacred lines had become the best choice for people on the continent.

“Yue Jing Hua” had strange evil lines on the right side of her face. She had once gone missing and someone had drawn them onto her face. She had a blank space in her memories from the time that person had drawn those evil lines. The only link was Qing Pu who was inside her dantian, who had no information.

“Even though I am a shaman, I’m unable to get rid of the evil lines on your face. If we gather the both of our strengths together, we can prevent your qi from scattering. I am the only one on the Azure Continent able to become your teacher.” Qing Pu’s voice was filled with resentment. Back in the day, he was a shaker of heaven and earth who could strike terror into the hearts of countless formidable mysterious beasts with a single move, but now he had sunk so low that he had to beg this girl to let him occupy her body.

Qing Pu was once the most talented master on the Azure Dragon Continent whose skills had reached the acme of perfection. Who would have thought that he would be framed by his enemies and his body dissolved into smoke, with no alternative but to attach his spirit to a tree spirit to feed on like a parasite.

By lucky coincidence, he was able to form a contract with “Yue Jing Hua.” with the help of a Profound Shaman’s power, he helped “her” practice cultivation, which speed up her cultivation considerably and gather profound strength. He would have been able to form a body soon, but who could have thought about this evil lines issue.

The whole time Qing Pu was speaking, Yue Jing Hua’s back was facing him, so he did not discover that while he was speaking, she was looking around impudently with raised eyebrows and a crafty look on her face.

While the shaman Qing Pu was expressing his goodwill, Yue Jing Hua remembered the bronze Summoning Sacred Canon she saw at Old Xia’s general store.

She also remembered that when he was talking about summoning masters he had a lofty, unfathomable expression on his face as he said “Summoning masters are the true descendants. One person is enough to match more than one mysterious beast.

No matter how she had reborn into Yue Jing Hua’s body on the Azure Dragon Continent, she was still the 23rd century’s top spy, Yue Xiao Qi, whose confidence made everything a piece of cake; she did as she liked and held her head high.

The mercenary who assassinated “Yue Jing Hua” and the backstage manipulator who drew the spirit lines on her face. With these people and matters in front of her, if Yue Jing Hua wished to survive on this profound qi filled Azure Dragon Continent, she would inevitably need a formidable force backing her.

Although the first layer of the Nine Transformations of Fortune’s Merit was rather mysterious, she was just a beginner. It would be too difficult to perfectly grasp the concepts. She still was unable to face strong enemies, but if she became a summoning master she would be able to summon a large army of mysterious beasts. Just the saliva from a bite from a single mysterious beast would be enough to drown the opponent alive.

“A summoning master? You bully me as if I haven’t studied the continent’s history. The Shaman Summoning Clan went extinct long ago. Your evidence is as flimsy as a dandelion, and wouldn’t be able to hold two pieces of meat. What method could you possess that would turn me into a summoning master?” Yue Jing Hua needed to retreat in order to advance. She no longer rejected him, but instead started to feel out the situation.

“To become a Shaman Summoner, you need to fulfill two conditions. You need to possess enough mental strength and elemental affinity. When Qing Pu’s body was damaged, he was one of the extremely few summoning masters whose abilities pierced the heavens. He could summon ninth rank mysterious beasts

By learning from his experiences, he wished to raise “Yue Jing Hua” as a summoning master, which would be a much easier way to cultivate. It was a shame that the past “Yue Jing Hua” was worthless.

Her mental strength was weak and she was only able to attain a low grade strength with effort. Her elemental affinity was even worse. With such natural talents, even if she were to become a summoning master, she would take an entire lifetime to become the most unqualified summoning apprentice. The most she would be able to do would be to call second rank mysterious beasts.

Such strength would never be able to help Qing Pu reach his goals.

Actually, “Yue Jing Hua” shouldn’t be blamed regarding her talent as a summoning master.

The Shaman Summoner clan on the Azure Dragon Continent were prosperous a millennium ago, but soon afterwards they became smaller and smaller until finally they became extinct.

Naturally, because cultivators on the Azure Dragon Continent placed much more importance on cultivating profound qi, they neglected to cultivate their mental strengths. Furthermore, the natural elements in the atmosphere became more and more unstable, making profound qi more stable in comparison. This lead to the thorough downfall of the summoning masters.

Qing Pu had no choice but to lower himself and help “Yue Jing Hua” cultivate profound merit. Even if he was a summoning master who needed a body, his cultivation had reached the heights of the heavens. It was naturally enough to guide a single person, but that night he was forced to extract “Yue Jing Hua’s” talent.

Afterwards, Yue Jing Hua’s facial features were destroyed, and she had strange evil lines branded onto her face. The evil lines not only absorbed dark qi, but it gobbled up the profound qi within her body. For the sake of “Yue Jing Hua’s” body, Qing Pu did not counter the evil force. This put him in danger, and he had no choice but to draw on his and “Yue Jing Hua’s” internal profound qi. For a while, “Yue Jing Hua’s” cultivation decreased, and after three years her previously genius talent became a waste.

“How do I find out whether I have enough mental strength and elemental affinity to become a summoning master?” asked Yue Jing Hua.

“In terms of mental strength, you are the first person in several hundred years who can contain my own mental strength. Your mental strength isn’t bad at all, all you need is a little tempering.” Qing Pu was an intelligent person. Just by listening to Yue Jing Hua’s tone, he knew that she had started to become interested in being a summoning master. Naturally, he would say what would let him take advantage of the situation.

“As for your elemental affinity, concentrate your profound qi into this sphere.” In his hand was a crystal ball used for testing.

Yue Jing Hua concentrated her energy into the crystal ball.

The crystal ball stayed transparent, and no change occurred within it.

“!!” No color, that meant this Yue Jing Hua was incapable of sensing any elemental energy. This was unexpectedly worse than the previous “Yue Jing Hua,” who could at least sense a little bit of fire energy.

Qing Pu made a wry smile and took back his crystal ball. It was difficult to encounter someone with such a genius level of mental strength, but he never expected that she did not have the least bit of elemental affinity.

To be incapable of sensing elemental energy meant being incapable of summoning.

Qing Pu’s last hope shattered. Could it be that there was truly no longer anyone on this earth capable of becoming a summoning master, and he was doomed to be unable to see the light of day ever again?

“I’ll test it again.” Yue Jing Hua sensed the thread of the strength of good fortune within her body start to move, and started to pour the strength of good fortune into the crystal ball.

In the crystal ball appeared a haze that suddenly start to emit all types of colors. The bright light pierced Yue Jing Hua and Qing Pu’s eyes, causing them to squint.

“Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, time, space! All elemental energies! Yue Jing Hua, your talent gave me the fright of a lifetime. You’ll be the first all attribute summoning master in the world!” The muddled Qing Pu felt as if he had been struck by a thunderbolt, and incredulously looked at the crystal ball.

The strength of good fortune was the most mystical strength in the world. There was no way of knowing what it contained, but when Yue Jing Hua poured the strength of good fortune into the crystal ball, all the surrounding elements acted like cats who caught the scent of fish, and they all drew closer.

“Is being all attributes good or bad?” Although she didn’t feel pressured, Yue Jing Hua still understood she might have bit off more than she could chew.

“There are pros and cons, which you will only see in later stages of your cultivation. Even though both requirements have been fulfilled, it’s a pity that the Azure Dragon Continent no longer has anyone capable of making summoning sacred canons.” Qing Pu’s knowledge was greater than the current Yue Jing Hua’s. He already knew that the current continent had not had summoning masters for a long time.

It could be said that summoning sacred canons and summoning masters were complementary existences, like left and right hands. A shaman summoner could only contract with one summoning sacred canon, and the canon grew along with the shaman summoner’s advancement. When the summoning master died, the canon became unowned. A formidable shaman summoner could contract with a canon of similar or weaker strength, but changing canons would mean renouncing his contract with his original canon.

“Old Xia’s general store has a summoning sacred canon. It’s too bad it’s only an incomplete copy that isn’t useful at all. Moreover, that one still costs ten thousand gold coins. I never spend money on useless things.” Yue Jing Hua shrugged.

“Who said summoning masters need summoning canons? They are all unqualified and inferior summoning masters with obsolete methods. I still have methods to make you a summoning master, only…” Qing Pu made as if to speak, then stopped and seductively blinked his eyes at Yue Jing Hua, waiting for her to ask a question.

Yue Jing Hua was indifferent and stingy, and played with him a bit. He was too unskilled. “I’m financially strained at the moment, so don’t force it. I still haven’t become a summoning master. I have never been fond of cats and dogs.”

Qing Pu felt the pit of his stomach tighten, and blue veins bulged like earthworms on his forehead at this suddenly inflexible woman.

She actually had the audacity to lump might summoned beasts with cats and dogs. She’s unlearned, he absolutely insists on teaching her and widening her experiences to become a peerless diamond rank summoning master! “I can teach you how to draw summoning magic arrays, but I have a condition. Let me become your life contract beast, and temporarily reside in that sacred canon.”

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Chapter 4 – Fortune’s Defiance

A gathering of clouds bashfully hid the moon.

The night winds softly whisked short silver hair into the air, revealing a man with a broad forehead, fine manners, and exquisite facial features. Wang Quan’s attentive violet pupils were like a pair of fires behind violet tinted glass or twinkling stars in the middle of the night that accompanied the water’s radiance to enhance each other’s beauty.

Suddenly, a cyan colored star flew across the sky. In an instant, all the other stars in the sky dimmed by a degree.

As the cyan star appeared, the dantian within Yue Jing Hua’s body gave birth to threadlike fissures, cracking much like an egg. It seemed like something was struggling to break free from within the dantian.

The cracks gradually grew and the cyan light in the heavens shone brightly, unexpectedly causing the full moon’s reflection to be dimmer in comparison.

“!!” Before the strange man could take a single step, the profound qi of the woman in the middle of the river stabilized. Soon after, the profound qi continuously ascended.

At this moment, Yue Jing Hua’s body was in a constant state of complaint. It was like going on a roller coaster. Her internal organs pressed against the inside of her body, and her profound qi attacked her from both sides.

The profound qi that had been blocked in the body for many years, unexpectedly was pulled up a hundred meters into the sky.

From the recesses of the dantian came an evil spirit’s voice: “Who are you?” The voice held a slightly cautious and pleasantly surprised tone. The voice had yet to finish, when a powerful profound force gushed out from within the wide and open dantian.

That profound force surged forward and mixed into Yue Jing Hua’s muscles and bones, combining into one. The dominating black smoke was attacked from the inside and outside, and retreated again and again in defeat.

Third rank, fourth rank…just like torrents of water breaking out and rushing down a mountain, the existing turbulent profound qi, allowed Yue Jing Hua to become a traveling roller coaster. Countless fluctuations made “Yue Jing Hua’s” close to exploding foundation become less fierce.

She clenched her teeth until they coldly creaked. The worst part about it was the profound qi fusing together at the dantian and rushing out. Yue Jing Hua became light headed, as if the conflicts with the profound qi in her body were constantly getting stronger.

She was barely conscious as she suffered from the backlash. Her consciousness gradually blurred. Yue Jing Hua was unable to control her body. Her body, little by little, sunk into the water. The water poured into her mouth and nose.

On top of the river, the violet eyed man slightly narrowed his eyes.

Right now, no matter who watched that female warrior going through her cultivation, they all would say she must have practiced some sort of secret and taboo method. Trying to force through the barrier and hesitating at the most urgent moment will cause a person to be lost in their heart’s devil.

Strands of ice-blue and red light swirled as profound qi coagulated in the man’s hand. That profound qi pulsated like a ball of water and fire.

At this moment, his hand became slightly sluggish as he sensed a slight movement. He actually wanted to go so far as to use his life profound qi to heal that stranger.

Dazed stares were shared between them. Various things were born.

“Scram”, that female warrior who was caught in her heart’s devil curled her hands into fists. She suddenly gathered power and leaped out.

The calm river’s surface exploded, with water spraying like broken jade drops as the female warrior’s twinkling eyes opened. Her eyes were like the dark night’s brightest and most unparalleled stars.

Some steel needles were held in between her delicate and white fingers. A matchless and beautiful smile revealed itself between her cheeks. She swiftly threw the needles towards his second and third lumbar vertebra.

“Impossible, that is the Ming Men acupoint…” Nevertheless, the violet eyed man hastily dodged in shock and landed on the surface of the water, without causing a single ripple.

Just now, that hand touched the woman’s clean and smooth body. The ice-cold face looked on over the violet eyed man’s body with astonishment; his profound qi was pouring out.

The snapped needle didn’t even come close to him. It simply vibrated until it shattered.

The bright water rippled, as the mercenary woman already sat down and crossed her legs at the shore.

Her entire body was exposed. Snow like breasts and a slender waist boldly faced towards the water as she sat. She seemed like a river goddess with a pair of black jade eyes not showing even a shred of emotion.

Her eyes were empty. She had only just gotten past a critical juncture. She still needed to completely understand her condition. Her recent movements were proof of her improved reflexes.

Even though the other party can see her quite clearly at the moment, the violet eyed man gave a small cough and urgently moved back a few steps with rosy cheeks.

Sleeves fluttered and the white rhinoceros armor quietly fell off his body. Slowly, he placed it over the body of the emotionally detached woman who threw his mind into disorder.

The horizon gradually brightened. At this moment, Yue Jing Hua was sitting crossed legged on the river bank like a stone statue.

In a blink of an eye, steel needles entered her body and disintegrated like glass. Bright lights flashed through her head. Her consciousness and body separated and entered a brand new world.

Her consciousness passed through many layers of dense fog. It descended into a place without a sky above or a ground below. It was just an endless and hollow space all around her.

She was no longer at the Hundred Beasts Mountain’s endless mountain range, but rather, a single flat and vast place which could be compared to the mystical borders of a star-filled firmament.

Looking around, the only thing visible was a book bundled in starlight — the Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon.

Yue Jing Hua considered the Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon that disappeared without a trace a while ago had now miraculously appeared in the middle of her sea of consciousness.

Though there was no wind, the Sacred Canon stirred, as if there was an invisible hand automatically moving it and opening to the first page.

The Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon first volume: Nine Transformations of Fortune’s Merit.

Fortune was the greatest in Heaven and Earth. Gain the Nine Transformations of Fortune’s Merit and you will gain great fortune.

Within her consciousness, the first volume was revealed. The first of the Nine Transformations of Fortune’s Merit was the Strength of Good Fortune. The script on the Sacred Canon appeared as if it had been engraved with a knife, and the profound words clearly appeared in her mind.

The profound qi freely flowed through her arteries and veins. After completing the Nine Heavenly Circuits, a wisp of golden energy emerged from Yue Jing Hua’s Mud Pellet Palace. It slowly flowed and took the form of the strength of good fortune.

Beside the river, a gentle golden light spilled from Yue Jing Hua’s body.

The hideous right side of her face glowed with golden light, comparable to the first strands of light emerging at daybreak, then gradually grew dimmer.

Her body emitted golden light for a long while. All the branches and leaves of the spirit trees within a one li radius swayed and emitted the fragrance of petrichor, as if being quenched after a long drought.

Yue Jing hua was immersed in practising the first layer of the Nine Transformations of Fortune’s Merit and was totally oblivious to anything happening outside. Her strength of good fortune seeped out and nourished the surrounding spirit trees.

The golden strength of good fortune warmed her dantian. Like sunlight, it drove out the loitering black evil spirit’s qi.

“Who are you? You’re not Yue Jing Hua.” Within her consciousness, that evil spirit’s voice became more distinct. That person was already sure that “Yue Jing Hua” really wasn’t the original Yue Jing Hua.

In the middle of that heavenly sea of consciousness, all the knowledge from the crossed over spirits truly merged together for the first time.

“Who I am isn’t important. You only need to know that from today onwards, I am Yue Jing Hua. Regardless if you are human, ghost, god, or demon, don’t think about making the slightest movement in my body. Furthermore, give up all the profound qi you took from the previous “me,” and anything else I haven’t mentioned.” Yue Jing Hua sneered and opened her bright and starlike eyes.

The evil spirit howled in laughter. “Crazily enough, I had a similar temper in my prime.”

In the middle of the heavenly consciousness, floated cyan colored dandelion parasols. The soft parasols gathered together into a human shaped being.

Under the starlight, long cyan colored hair fell uninhibited towards the floor. Near the corner of his peach blossom phoenix eyes, was a tear shaped mole.

He had sharp, thin lips and skin pale as if it hasn’t seen the sunlight in years. It was slightly morbid. Wearing a knee-length designed shaman robe, Qing Pu was by no means inferior compared with the disfigured “Yue Jing Hua.”

Both male and female, were both almost excessively beautiful. This person was surely the evil spirit.

This was the one haunting “Yue Jing Hua’s” body. His voice was bewitching and sinister. In the end, he is even a little bit more attractive than a woman, as an exceptionally beautiful man.

“This humble one is Qing Pu, the last Shaman Summoner on the Azure Dragon Continent, commonly known as a summoning master. Yue Jing Hua, do you have any wish I can grant? Let’s make a bargain. It is a transaction that can allow you, who curse at the Azure Dragon Continent to become an exceptional and strong person.” Qing Pu was close. His pair of peach blossom eyes appeared very frivolous. The provoking golden eyes seemed like one look could suck in your very soul.

The fascinating tempting words could not distract from the pair of eyes that could pierce through a person’s heart. We should ask, in the Great Azure Continent, who could possibly throw out the olive branch Qing Pu was offering?

There was a remote and tranquil look in those phoenix eyes, as if the black pupils were a winter’s pool. The black pupils glanced over the beautiful woman but quickly regain tranquility.

“I refuse.” Without even considering it, Yue Jing Hua rejected the offer. She had the Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon in hand. The profound qi within her body had recovered. What’s more, the Rare Calligraphy heavenly sea of consciousness was her domain.

Within her domain, the other person can only indiscreetly criticize her, unless her head was kicked by a donkey and received brain damage.

Qing Pu’s straight and tall body staggered. A demonic smile filled with anger appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“You don’t want to be an exceptional expert? You don’t want to abandon and clean your shameful reputation? You don’t want to win against that person?” Qing Pu repeatedly asked.

“I’m not ‘Yue Jing Hua’, I don’t know about her situation this past year, and what type of deals you have made. This body came from my parents. The profound qi world in this body is precious and incomparable. For what reason should I let another person order me around? Without you, I can still aspire for the world’s summit. I could in the past, and I can now.” A firm conviction was shown on Yue Jing Hua’s forehead. This confidence allowed her to be like a sharpened sword, with a sharp light creating a magnificent display.

In Heaven and Earth, it seemed like there was only her. Everything else seemed to disappear.

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Chapter 3 – Rank Advancement

The Summoning Treasured Canon?” Yue Jing Hua felt that it sounded vaguely familiar. She seemed to have heard it before, but was unable to recall from where.

“This is a fragment of an ancient text that has been passed down. It has been said that the owner of the text was a renowned shaman with great strength who could summon mysterious beasts. After the death of the ancient shaman, the Treasured Canon was forgotten at some primeval battlefield. This Treasured Canon is my once in a lifetime chance. Although a fragment of this book continues to remain, the shaman summoning clan has already gone extinct long ago. Someone might be able to summon the shaman’s most formidable beasts. Nevertheless, it will forever be passed down.” Old Xia isn’t someone who can’t be moved, but the Treasured Canon is something his family shop must preciously hoard.

“Between a Shaman Summoner and a Profound warrior, which is more impressive?” In “Yue Jing Hua’s” memory, there was no information on Shaman summoners. She only knows that the Shaman Summoning clan has already gone extinct.

“This old man is also unclear. I only know what is in the records of the “Azure Dragon Continent’s Unstable History”. The Shaman Summoning Clan were respected people with incredible achievements on the Azure Dragon Continent. Roughly ten thousand years ago, they alone had hundreds of practitioners in their Mysterious Beast Army, which rampaged over the entire continent. They were truly divine descendants; those shamans had the ability to summon formidable mysterious beasts. Just one mysterious beast can match three or four Profound Human practitioners. That implies one Bronze Summoning master can match many times more Profound Human warriors. Can you imagine how extraordinary the Summoning Masters are?” Old Xia spoke with confidence. He had managed the general store for so long, and he has heard not a small amount of rumours and hearsays.

Old Xia became a chatterbox as he spoke to Yue Jing Hua about several things about the Summoning Masters, such as their rankings. The Treasured Summoning Canon was divided into the Diamond Treasured Canon, the Gold Treasured Canon, the Silver Treasured Canon, and the Bronze Treasured Canon.

“Can I have a look at the Summoning Treasured Canon?” After getting permission from Old Xia, Yue Jing Hua flipped to the front of the book.

The Summoning Treasured Canon was about the size of two palms. The cover had special greasepaint spread over it, turning it red. After opening the Treasured book, there was only three pages inside.

“Page one: Shen Lan, born on year 110 of the Azure Dragon calendar, died on year 210 of the Azure Dragon calendar, and had the attribute of bronze Summoning master.  He had the ability to confuse low level mysterious beasts for a short period of time and make them lose their attacking power.

“Page two: Man Li Tu, could summon the second rank fire-winged mysterious beasts with astonishing explosive force.

“Third page: Tian Shu Wang, had the ability to call small mouse-like mysterious beasts, and is most fond of roaming colonies.”

Because Shen Lan had already died, not only was the dusky covered book incomplete, but it had dropped to the lowest possible grade.

Yue Jing Hua calmly closed the treasured book with a glint in her eyes.

“Based on your attire, you must have come from the merchant country, and this is every academy’s season for holding trial by fires.” Old Xia had sharp eyes, and he saw when Yue Jing Hua glanced over the goods in the store and looked for the longest lasting second grade pellets.

Every autumn, several of the larger cities in the most powerful nations had their entrance examinations at Hundred Beast Mountain.

“I am taking the entrance exam, and I need to find a second grade profound pellet or spirit ring.” Yue Jing Hua did not conceal anything from this affable old man. If that Summoning Master “Shen Lan” had the power of “Confusion”, then the crossed over Yue Xiao Qi had the power of “discernment.” She could instantly tell if someone had good or evil intentions.

“Only that academy’s exam is like that. Typical schools only need to obtain a first grade mysterious beast or tree spirit. Also, they all have teachers accompany you in dangerous situations.” Hunting for a first grade mysterious beast and spirit is much simpler than retrieving a second grade profound pellet and spirit ring.

Yue Jing Hua raised her eyebrows, she obviously knew of the exams difficulty and has planned for it.

“I’m accustomed to working alone.” She indifferently spoke. She accepted her purchased items and placed them in a rucksack. She was by herself, so she had no group to face a critical moment together or companions to betray.

Old Xia opened his mouth. In this day and age, it was seldom seen that such a young person had this kind of loneliness, the kind that seemed to pass through the innermost depths of one’s soul.

This loneliness was strangely mixed with a touch of confidence.

This youngster had some confidence in her ability. Old Xia, who was never fond of meddling in others’ business, was surprised by his actions. “Kid,” he said, changing his form of address while taking out a piece of parchment paper. “This is a map of the area surrounding the Hundred Beast Mountain on which are marked the regions that second ranked beasts often visit. Perhaps it will come in handy. However, this map is definitely not free of charge.”

Yue Jing Hua was flabbergasted. Then she noticed Old Xia’s gaze on her worn out deerskin armour and laughed. Her eyes open wide with a strange look as she asked, “How would I repay you?”

“I only ask that you give this old man that worn out armour of yours. I can make a small profit from it.” Old Xia narrowed his eyes as he watched Yue Jing Hua disappear through the doorway.

At nightfall, when the sun has completely set, the dark of the night enshrouded the valley.

Yue Jing Hua started a fire to repel the beasts, undid her deerskin armour, and laid out the items she had bought at the general goods store.

The needles bought near Hundred Beast Mountain wore mostly bone needles used to make armour from the hides of mysterious beasts and were rougher than the embroidery needles.

Her fingers passed over the dozens of embroidery needles, and picked out seven or eight different types.

Concentrating hard on her breathing, she slowly walked into the middle of a river.

Pointed steel needles with one cun long tips  that were imbued with profound qi coldly appeared. Even though it was just a few steel needles, if other profound warriors were to see them, they would certainly be scared away by this talent that had cultivated Profound Jade techniques.

At this moment, even if it were a one cun thick steel plate, these steel needles would be able to pierce it.

There were numerous acupoints on the human head. Yue Jing Hua had a good  grasp on acupression, and placed several needles. “Xin Yu, Ying Chuang, Ya Men, Tai Yang, Zhang Men…,” she recited in a high pitched voice, as each needle was doused in disinfectant before piercing through an acupoint.

At the same time, concealed in each needle was revitalizing profound qi that flowed through her blood and meridians, gushing into her dantian.

After Yue Xiao Qi examined “Yue Jing Hua’s” body, she discovered that “Yue Jing Hua’s” profound qi was very similar to the inner force used on the Huaxia continent.

According to the system of martial arts described in Eastern Huaxia records, internal force does not easily disperse but accumulates with the passing of time, and cultivating does not stop it from continuing to accumulate.

“Yue Jing Hua” had practiced profound qi for ten years. She started practicing at three years old, became a Profound Human at seven, and at age thirteen was at the fine line dividing Profound Human from Profound Jade practitioners. That kind of talent was worth being called superb.

There was only a three year gap between her being called a genius and being called a useless person. For those who say a waste cannot become a genius, just watch tonight.

Before beginning her acupuncture, Yue Jing Hua first sat and meditated in concentration and looked closely at her body’s condition.

The profound qi within “Yue Jing Hua’s” body coiled around like black smoke, and then like a spiderweb, supported her flesh, blood, and meridians, blocking the profound qi from condensing in her dantian. This gave the false appearance of “Yue Jing Hua” being unable to condense profound qi in her dantian.

The people in the 24th century already attained the highest degree of knowledge pertaining to the human body. Yue Xiao Qi once had an ancestral Shaolin Chinese medicine master. That medicine master taught Yue Xiao Qi how to use acupressure to unblock her body’s internal force, blood, and vital breath.

These so called doctors could not treat themselves. Only Yue Xiao Qi could play with her life in such a ruthless manner. Only she had the ability and was brave enough use such a ruthless skill on herself.

In the end, she settled on a few acupoints. Even though these were the most convenient acupoints to impact different arteries and stimulate the body’s internal force, they were also the most dangerous. These few acupoints were all lethal points. A little bit of carelessness could result in severe injuries or death.

As time passed on, the needles in her body caused her body to continue to tremble, as the ache and pain was expelled and took the form of a refreshed and stimulating feeling, eventually becoming a high voltage current that caused her to shudder.

Her body sunk into a muddled state, losing her hearing and forgetting herself.

The black smoke was forced into retreat into her internal organs, as if mud was being absorbed from Yue Jing Hua’s skin. Following that, drops of sweat dripped onto the ground. Within her body, the black smoke gradually dispersed.

Profound qi gradually drew near her dantian. Black smoke compacted together and repaired her dantian, just like a small clay ball.

In a moment, the profound qi was unable to break out of the shackles of the black smoke.

Yue Jing Hua suddenly clenched her teeth, as she thrust the needle onto the crown of her head where the “Shen Ting Xue” acupoint was, when her second to last steel needle snapped in the middle with a crack.

One half of the broken needle had blackish blood on it, and the other half stabbed into the acupoint. Her silhouette unconsciously shook like dead leaves on autumn treetops, and helplessly watched it fall.

Anyone watching the water hit Yue Jing Hua would see the hideous scars on the right side of her face become more distinct. At the moment, the right half of her face seemed as if it was burnt red with an iron. Her bewitching face was magnificently bared. Within a short while, the black gas was unexpectedly weakened. Like an insatiable and fierce beast, it frantically pounced on Yue Jing Hua.

The glossy surface of the water rippled. It reflected the crescent moon, a beautiful and charming silhouette, as well as a face that had reached the ultimate heights of both beauty and ugliness.

A flash of light on the surface of the water smeared the tall shadow of a human figure.  

The ripples on the water caused the facial features in the reflection to be unclear. The person made a surprised sound and was extremely amazed: “The profound qi changed…fourth ranked Profound Human…third ranked Profound Human…”

On the surface of the river, the profound Qi continued to change in rank.

The stranger has only ever seen profound Qi rise in ranks; he has never seen it continuously fall.

The strange scene invited the curious person to approach a few steps.

The moon illuminated the stranger’s face, and in that second everything in the surrounding scenery lost colour.

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Chapter 2 – Mysterious Valley

At the first glimmer of sunrise, on the open flat ground of the Mysterious Beast Valley’s entrance, a crowd of people were encircled around something in excitement.

Most of the people in the crowd had coarse and crude armor. At their waists were durable, lightweight crossbows and daggers. These people were all lower class mercenaries, who relied on mysterious beasts from the Hundred Beast Mountain to make a living. As long as their lives were not at risk, they were willing to do anything.

Typically at this time, the mercenaries ought to be replenishing their water and medicine to get ready to set out in a moment, but today, the situation is somewhat different.

Around three to four people were hanging from a eucalyptus tree. One man was hanging naked with only a smelly sock plugging his mouth and only a loincloth covering his genitals. The cloth was dripping with blood.

“This is Qi Feng from the Shadow Rat Mercenaries. How did he end up with this ghost-like appearance?” asked a mercenary in the center who recognized Qi Feng.

The early morning sunlight illuminated Qi Feng’s face. His eyes focused on some vision that left him terrified and squeaking out soft moans.

Not a single person stepped forward to take him down. The Shadow Rat Mercenaries used to habitually raid this area. Their public reputation was nothing special.

“Get out of the way!” a high pitched voice in the back lashed out. A rude and boorish mercenary pushed to the front row and stopped.

“You’re courting death…” After all, the dead do not speak. After emitting a fierce Profound Qi, the messenger understood. Qi Feng the Third Ranked Profound Human suddenly let out a sound.

The messenger’s body emitted a faint red light. Red light meant the messenger studied fire type profound skills. The five element profound skills is definitely a profound ability practiced only after mastering Profound Jade.

In the periphery of the Hundred Beast Mountain, where only first rank mysterious beasts would roam about, a beautiful profound warrior appeared. She was comparable to a mid ranked mysterious beast. Using just one hand was enough to sweep away dozens of profound warriors. Seeing this, the crowd of Profound Humans were unable to speak clearly.

It was that same mercenary who disappeared last night. She came out of the crowd having already changed her clothes.

After waking up from a good night’s rest, she had rushed to the free market early in the morning, just for the sake of seeing “Yue JIng Hua” in a predicament. Who would have thought what she saw in the end was Qi Feng with a ghost-like appearance?

She let out a Jade strike wave, a palm strike that briefly caused the wind to chaotically shake the eucalyptus leaves. A rope hanging from the tree immediately snapped where the female mercenary stood. This caused her to fall into a sinking pit.

The female mercenary was surprised, as she hopelessly watched the ground immediately turn into a huge hole. Inside the hole was cold, and the tree’s dozens of roots had sharpened into wooden stakes. Luckily, she sufficiently kept her cool.  Like a beautiful sparrow, she flipped over with her feet slightly higher than the stake and glided through the air, landing on the ground.

If the female mercenary’s reaction had been just a little bit slower, she would have immediately been pierced and turned into a hornet’s nest.

The woman gasped for breath and threw a dagger, breaking the cord binding Qi Feng. Having done so, she barely caught Qi Feng.

The dense eucalyptus leaves in the center began to tremble abnormally. Some dark poison threads speedily swarmed outwards. It aimed towards the martial art expert’s throat, chest, navel, abdomen, and knees.

“Hidden weapons!” Knowing things were not looking good, the fierce woman had no choice but to abandon Qi Feng. Her hands moved quickly, and a number of dark blades that were tucked inside her wide sleeves shot out.

In that second, red light blazed under a tree. The hidden weapon and the dark blades collided with each other.

The pitiful Qi Feng had no help and fell into the hole. He did not even have time to give a melancholy cry. He was immediately pierced and smashed to pieces.

That female mercenary, who was an expert on many things, was able to firmly withstand the multi-angled attacks for a period of time. She could also see through the true nature of the hidden weapon attack that was coming from all directions. The Hundred Beast Mountain produced a type of poisonous tree whose branches were tough as iron. The branches were used to create poisonous arrows that provided maximum destructive power.

Dozens of wooden arrows aimed for her vital organs. If she had not broken through Profound Human long ago, several holes would’ve been made in her body. She feared falling into a trap.

Even if it’s like that, the fierce woman was still in a predicament. Her robe was ripped in several places.

Yue Jing Hua? It couldn’t be Yue Jing Hua. She was only a trash who was incapable of condensing Profound Qi. She absolutely had no possibility of firmly capturing Qi Feng. It’s even more needless to say about setting up this kind of sinister and vicious trap.

Someone must have rescued her.

The fierce woman coldly gazed at the long dead Qi Feng. She then glanced toward the center of the crowd and did not discover any suspicious person, needless to say of “Yue Jing Hua’s” devilish face.

She failed. Next…the woman muttered to herself briefly. Below the mask, her beautiful face soon resumed its normal countenance.

Hundred Beast Mountain was very large. As a result, for the academy to find the separated Yue Jing Hua is obviously not an easy task. However, that doesn’t matter. As long as she arrives at Profound Pearl Academy, Yue Jing Hua will successfully test into the School of Dark Learning. To pass the test, she has to acquire a mysterious beast profound pellet or a plant spirit ring, but profound pellets and spirit rings are very difficult to acquire.

Yue Jing Hua, we’ll wait and see if you can return to the capital safely.

The fierce woman abandoned Qi Feng’s body and stalked off without sparing him a second thought.

The crowd had sentiments akin to mercenaries. They helped drag Qi Feng out of the hole and hastily buried him in a marsh on the outskirts of Hundred Beast Mountain. Thousands of mercenaries die every year at this exact location.

After the crowd dispersed, not so far away in a thicket, a person was hiding.

A female mercenary suddenly appeared, breaking out of the pitfall in the process. Yue Jing Hua had already hid herself at one side, concealed her scent, and not a single person had discovered her whereabouts.

The unidentified female mercenary was much worse than she imagined. In her hands, people at the level of Qi feng’s rank were like babies. Based only on their experiences, their martial techniques were like children who had just learned to walk. That Profound Jade mysterious woman was like a child who already knew how to run.

Right now, Yue Jing Hua was not a match for her opponent.

However, sooner or later, there will be a day where she’ll give that person tenfold and even a hundredfold the retaliation.

Last night, after interrogating Qi Feng to no avail, Yue Jing Hua had barely managed to force out that the real manipulator who set up “Yue Jing Hua” would possibly arrive at dawn and appear in the free market’s local news.

Taking advantage of the limited amount of time after arranging the trap, she waited at one side, sorting out the rest of the memories in “Yue Jing Hua’s” body.

“Yue Jing Hua” lives on this continent, called the Azure Dragon continent. The Azure Dragon continent is a mysterious and ancient continent. Dispersed in its air was inexhaustible Profound Spirit Qi. With the effect of this Profound Spirit Qi, the average resident on the continent could reach up to 80 years old. On this land was a small group of special people, they boast of being descendants of divinities.

The divine descendants have innate talents that differ from the common person. They have the ability to dissociate the Profound Qi in the continent’s atmosphere and change it into their own strength, they are the continent’s profound warriors.

Moreover because of the power in the continent’s atmosphere, the plants and animals on the continent are different from the Earth’s organisms. Some of them are higher existences, even to the extent that some have the ability to take on human form and possess human intelligence. Regardless of grade, these organisms are collectively called mysterious beasts and plant spirits.

“Yue Jing Hua” was also a divine descendant. Her family background was of nobility from the Dragon War Country on the Eastern continent. For the past several years, she was continuously treasured by her family, due to her having some talent in Profound Qi. From childhood, “she” received a Profound warrior education no different from that of a male. However this education was no more than just textbook knowledge, she never really put it into practice.

She entered the Hundred Beast Mountain to gather mysterious beasts, because after she became incapable of condensing profound Qi, her family became bankrupt. After they went to her maternal grandfather’s family in a merchant country, she had no other option but to enter the Imperial Profound Pearl Academy, to seek out a permanent cure.

For the sake of obtaining the qualifications to enter the Profound Pearl Academy, “Yue Jing Hua’s” mother sold off a portion of her dowry to pay for her equipment and travelling expenses. She must pass this trial by fire, and the requirements to pass the trial by fire were to obtain a second grade profound pellet or spirit ring.

While sorting out her memory, Yue Jing Hua discovered this seemingly garbage body was still concealing many secrets.

First of all, “Yue Jing Hua” was not really a good for nothing. “She” was quite bright, and clearly remembered that eleven years ago she learned the basic martial techniques of the Azure Continent. Due to some reason, she was poisoned at thirteen and became unable to condense Profound Qi.

Secondly, and the most important discovery, “Yue Jing Hua’s” dantain has no damage. Her dantian was only incapable of being used, that’s all.

For the sake of being clear about the secrets inside “Yue Jing Hua’s” body after her rebirth, Yue Jing Hua, who is still Yue Xiao Qi, entered a family store in the market.

The free market was regarded as the main supply point right outside of the Hundred Beast Mountain. This place supplies all sorts of items and facilities. It was a shop that provided all types of weaponry and defense tools. It provides accommodations such as wine shops, restaurants, medicinal materials, and medical treatment. Furthermore, there is a specialized shop that sells all types of profound beasts.

These shops all have a common feature. All of these stores were built on top of trees, so that they are capable having effective ground defense against profound beast’s sneak attacks at night.

“Old Xia’s store” is the free market’s most ordinary store. The store’s location is rather out of the way, having been built at free market’s most Northern side, on top of a hundred year old pine tree.

At that moment, a female guest entered the shop. The shopkeeper, Old Xia, was cleaning the store’s most conspicuous spot, where a dilapidated book was placed. This book was something he recently obtained.

The store’s wooden door was pushed open. “Shopkeeper, I need a set of silver acupuncture needles.”

Old Xia pushed his presbyopia glasses up his nose. He is already more than 60 years old and suffers from long sightedness. After clearly seeing the appearance of the person who came, Old Xia eagerly asked away.

“Honored guest, what is this silver acupuncture needles you ask for? I have never heard of it before.” Old Xia felt embarrassed that he has ran this shop for so long and it is the first time hearing about silver acupuncture needles.

“I forgot this place probably doesn’t call it acupuncture. Then just get me a set of embroidery needles, from big to small sizes. Every standard is required. In addition, get me a flask of hard liquor, several pieces of flint, waterproof oilpaper, a sack of salt, and powdered insect repellent.” “Yue Jing Hua” had allowed harm on her body for so long. Aside from a single deerskin armor and a gaudy dagger, she had no capacity to survive in the field. It seems both her easily taken advantage of mom and “Yue Jing Hua” were the same sort; both were noble misses without the slightest skills or common sense in the wild.

Old Xia hurriedly promised to make up for his deficiency and get the customer’s item.

While waiting for Old Xia to find the items, Yue Jing Hua leisurely walked around the shop.

The shop had everything available, but what was most common was low leveled  profound beast related items. For instance, there was lizard grass seeds or fire wolf fur…the store had everything one could expect to find. Each item was marked with a corresponding price tag.

There were prices ranging from ten silver coins to one gold coin, and among them the most expensive were mysterious beast’s pellets. One ordinary first ranked grass thorn tree’s spirit ring cost fifty gold coins. Unexpectedly, one second ranked wind fox’s beast pellet cost up to two hindered gold coins.

“The stuff you want is all here, altogether it’ll cost twenty one gold coins. If I may ask, do you require other things?” The prices around Profound Beat Mountain Valley’s area are very high, so twenty one gold coins is not counted as a huge amount. Old Xia, as before, continued to eagerly receive her; this gave Yue Jing Hua a favorable impression of him. After she gave him the money, they continued and engaged in small talk.

“This must be the first time you participated in the trial by fire. The reason why the mysterious pellet’s price is so high, is due to how rare it is. Merely one profound beast’s stone sometimes can cost as high as the equivalent of ten to thirty low leveled profound beasts.” Old Xia did not expect these first timers to do well in the trial by fire. Nevertheless, after listening to Yue Jing Hua skillfully list out survival goods, he viewed her a little differently.

“I still have one more thing to ask. Why is that book’s price so high?” Yue Jing Hua shifted the conversation towards the dilapidated book Old Xia was previously cleaning, which cost ten thousand gold coins.

Old Xia turned his head and gazed at it, and his old eyes turned a bit proud: “It’s because this book is not even the slightest bit ordinary. That book is the Shaman Summoning Clan’s Summoning Treasured Canon.”

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