Chapter 12 – The Greatest Distance on Earth

“Little Qi, if you live, I’ll live. If you die, I’ll die too.” The tall, handsome, and bright man’s eyes carried a soft countenance, while committing a lifelong promise.

The king of spies, Liao. Yue Xiao Qi’s eternal protection and support.

Liao’s face and the face of the man a hundred meters away superimposed with each other. It was close to a hundred percent, or maybe ninety-nine percent similar. The bottom of Yue Jing Hua’s heart was slightly sour.

After living on Azure Dragon Continent for a month, Yue Jing Hua knew she could not go back.

The Azure Dragon Continent, with danger lurking at every corner, did not have a bright future. This forced her to adjust her state of mind as quick as possible to adapt to the role of Yue Jing Hua.

She had to let go of “Yue Xiao Qi’s” identity.

Holding on to past regrets would only prevent her from moving forward on the Azure Dragon Continent.

However, at this moment, seeing this familiar face, she know she was destined to never forget certain people.

Suddenly, Yue Jing Hua discovered a difference between the two. This man’s eyes were filled with disdain.

That gaze filled with loathing fell on her face, and he quickly opened his eyes, looking at her as if she was filthy sludge.

A cry of alarm from the crowd made Yue Jing Hua shift her attention.

The Po Luo City’s noble sons and daughters looked on passively with unbridled arrogance as Yue Chen continued to be disgraced.

A person among them pressed down on Yue Chen’s head, forcing him to act like a dog, as he was pushed down to hip height.

Yue Chen’s weak body suddenly stiffened.

“Don’t get up. We’re helping the Lie Clan tidy up their garbage, so they don’t need to exhaust themselves raising useless trash. One abandoned and one mute and dumb.” The silkpants ridiculed and sneered. Yue Chen’s young and tender fist tightened to hold firmly together. The red mole between his eyebrows glinted with a strange light.

“Which dog is blocking this grand aunt’s path?” The stone slates on the street suddenly resembled ignited firecrackers as they exploded wide open.

Immediately, everyone on the street cried out in alarm. They escaped in chaos as the crushed stones flew at them like arrows, sending up clouds of dust .

The youth who took the lead in abusing the noble Yue family coughed. Before his eyes could open, his body was being trampled over by pairs of feet.

The feet gained momentum. As a result, the silkpant’s head felt like it was being hammered by an electric pile driver. First the rubble was just at his feet, then his knees, and finally it was at his shoulders. More than half of him was immersed in the falling stones.

The youth attempted to speak, when a knife flashed in front of his eyes. His cry stopped in his throat.

The half bewitching and half hideous face flashed before his eyes.

The group of Profound Pearl Academy students looked like they seen a ghost. They shouted: “Yue Jing Hua…You are Yue Jing Hua!”

Her hands lightly swatted his back. The youth became a flying arrow, shooting forward with a “pop!”

His feet could not support him, and a sharp “crack” arose from his knees as they fractured.

With three loud thumps, the fifth rank Profound Human silkpant’s forehead smashed into the ground three times. His forehead split open like a burst ripe tomato.

In addition to the two people standing upstair on Qian Bin, the watching crowd could not believe their eyes.

Fifteen minutes earlier, the Yue family’s little young master was in the middle of being badly beaten. Fifteen minutes later, the lead bully beating Yue Chen could no longer be said to have a human shape. He lay on the ground with the shoe marks still stamped on his face, and could be considered to have lost his human form long ago.

Yue Jing Hua narrowed her eyes at the group of silkpants’ faces. SOme had frivolous expressions while some were heavy.

She glanced at the group of silk pant’s out of the corner of her eyes, and they cleverly froze, as if they were thrown stark naked into the winter snow. All trace of their previous fiery and rampant behaviour ceased to exist.

Mother! This is Lie Clan’s female good-for-nothing?! She’s clearly a death god!

“Each and every one of you clearly saw, and some people didn’t move even one hair on their body. The next time you see us siblings, remember to make a detour and walk away. Otherwise, he will be your example. Get lost!” A loud roar charged the air like a clap of thunder.

Having never seen such a purely violent method of fighting, the silkpants frantically rushed to escape the scene.

Dusting off her lapel, Yue Jing Hua walked through the crowd. Her body sent out an imposing aura, causing anyone watching to flee without exception.

The two people standing on the overlook in front of the Qian Bin establishment had already disappeared.

Yue Chen lay prostrated on the ground. His scattered hair covered his eyes, making it impossible to see his expression. After hearing Yue Jing Hua’s voice, he slowly shifted a few steps as he attempted to use a wall to help him stand.

Through the gaps in his hair, Yue Jing Hua saw the child’s eyes stubbornly staring at the ground.

She shrugged and picked up Yue Chen, placing him on her shoulders.

Seeing this, Yue Chen was surprised. He was still coping with his wounds, and he was shorter than Yue Jing Hua by more than a half. How could he possibly stop Yue Jing Hua’s evil schemes?

Several shades of blush appeared on his milky white skin and rapidly climbed up to his ears. Yue Chen struggled to resist, but Yue Jing Hua used some unknown skill to restrain his wrist, preventing him from moving.

Yue Chen was forcefully carried. A burst of warmth flowed from the young girl’s shoulders..

A comfortable and soft energy on her skin flowed through.

Yue Chen had never felt such peace in his body. It felt like he found a friend, or like… his restless worries. His skittish anti-social behaviors and his strung out nerves, suddenly relaxed. Yue Chen unconsciously stopped struggling, and his hand stiffly hung by his side, no longer moving.

This show has ended. A larger show is about to begin.

“Yue Jing Hua does seems to have changed.” Within the Qian Bin building, the noble Xie Yu removed a grape and threw it in his mouth. Pondering over the act on the street, his peach blossom eyes contained a bit of fascination and intoxication.

“Compared to before, she’s even more unbearably ugly and vulgar.” Fa Xiao Yi furrowed his brows. His noble and virtuous personality detested defected things.

The previous “Yue Jing Hua” was an ugly disgrace, but she always had a bit of a female’s obedience. Everytime she saw him, she would be submissive and meek, unlike today’s conduct, which was no different from a local street ruffian.

Moreover, just now, with everyone watching on the busy street, she carried Yue Chen on her back.

Although they are siblings, there is a distinction between men and women. Moreover, they are not actually blood related. Such act is simply a lack of virtues and manners.

Fa Xiao Yi’s handsome face was black as the bottom of a pot. His heart burst with an indescribable displeasure.

Yue Jing Hua’s words and actions today only confirmed that she had been plundered, resulting in the huge changes in her disposition.

“What I said was different. I was talking about her cultivation. Your highness, can it be that you didn’t pay attention to her actions? Tch, power offers beautiful bindings, and pure violence is an aesthetic. This is the pure foundation of martial skills. I have never seen a person not need profound power. Profound human cultivating in that way is refreshing. Your highness, I’m afraid this child’s talent, when compared with the rumored female genius from the Lie Clan, is a bit more outstanding. The Lie Clan will certainly be bustling.” Xie Yu stroke his chin with an enigmatic expression.

“The bright firefly can only be together with a treasure of an equal beauty. The admired princess this prince selects is naturally a hundred times better than her,” declared Fa Xiao Yu disdainfully.

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