Chapter 11 – The Prince’s Fiance

“What does Yue Jing Hua’s business have to do with me?” Fa Xiao Yi rose to dance, pulling on the cloth draped over the shoulders of a pampered courtesan. Laughing, she fell into his embrace.

“Your highness, have you forgotten? She is your fiance that has been decided since childhood. In the future, she will be Xiao Yi princess.” The peach blossom man narrowed his eyes and picking open the thread of discourse.

Long fingers poked at the beautiful courtesan lower jaw. A perverse light flashed through Fa Xiao Yi’s eyes. He snorted.

The beautiful courtesan listened in, displeased, as she said: “Boss Ya, you really are making a joke. Prince Xiao Yi, how can you possibly marry someone like Yue Jing Hua, a no talent, no looks, unsightly woman.” She sounded aggrieved.

As for “Yue Jing Hua,” she is in Po Luo City already making a stir or two on her way back.

At first, she had a good reputation.

When “Yue Jing Hua” was ten years old, she arrived at Lie Clan to pay a visit to her elders.

At that time, the late elder was still alive. Lie Rou returned with dignity as the family’s eldest daughter and a duchess of War Dragon Country.

“Yue Jing Hua” and her younger brother were a pair of lovely young children who were the center of attention as they entered the city in a luxurious carriage.

From the highest to lowest rank, everyone from the Lie Clan came to welcome them. That situation lured the city’s distinguished and accomplished to fall over each other in eagerness to watch. From that time after, War Dragon Country’s number one beauty’s reputation spread around.

Nevertheless by the second time, the disgraceful clan was bankrupt and ruined. Within one year and with the ruined appearance of “Yue Jing Hua,” Merchant Country’s thirteen profound institutions rejected her applications.

Finally, she shamelessly begged and relied on Merchant Country’s empress dowager’s protection to enter the Profound Pearl Imperial Academy to trial by fire.

“This prince understands when he listens to you speak that way. This prince’s fiancee is an illustriously reputed person.” Fa Xiao Yi’s fingers involuntarily tightened up a bit. The beautiful courtesan’s fine and smooth skin immediately showed two red marks.

The beautiful courtesan suffered some pain. With eyes open wide open, she was evidently unable to believe that the person right in front of her eyes was a well known prince. Unexpectedly, he was in the city, and he really had the number one unsightly woman as his fiance.
“Your Highness, spare my life. I did not know she was your princess consort.” The beautiful courtesan shivered. On one hand, the ache on her jaw was getting unbearable, and on the other hand, the man’s body emitted a cold air of annoyance.

“Who said she was this prince’s princess?” His fingers gathered power and immediately the bone cracked underneath. The beautiful courtesan gave out a miserable cry and lost consciousness.
Fa Xiao Yi detested that sort of woman and kicked her to the side. “Xie Yu (see T/N), where did that news come from?”

“A letter sent home to the Lie Clan. It is absolutely true. Some ruffians plundered and took her, and up to now, she has been unaccounted for. Contrarily, this made breaking your engagement a good cause for gossip. Tch, however, this is a ruffian. If I didn’t remember incorrectly, Yue Jing Hua’s figure is quite curvaceous.” The peach blossom man flashed with an evil light as his words carried a hint of mockery.

Fa Xiao Yi did not listen anymore. With a mouthful of fine wine, his eyes turned towards the streets below.

The unusually bustling streets had a group of people gathering around.

Four or five people gathered around a young boy. The boy was at most ten years old. His facial features were exquisite, with a white pout, and a small red mole on his forehead, as if he was a new year’s picture lad.

Fa Xiao Yi gazed over and with one look recognized the youth. “Yue Chen?”

“Isn’t that just the way it is?” Naturally, the small Yue family would be obstructed. Tch, look at that appearance, unable to endure bullying from a few silkpants. Alas, this disturbance is no good. They’re stubbornly making trouble right in front of Qian Bin establishment. Don’t dirty this uncle’s street.” Xie Yu’s long legs strode over to leap over the iron fencing.

Who would have thought he would dash forward sluggishly. His mouth wide open and his finger trembling nonstop: “Yue…Yue Jing Hua.”

It was said, she was robbed by ruffians. How is the missing and unsightly woman, Yue Jing Hua, here?

On the side, Yue Chen was blocked and beaten up on the streets by some of the city youths.

On the street, streams of people crowded together. Everyone gathered together watching, with no one coming forward to help.

Yue Chen enjoyed planting flowers. This morning, he snuck away from Lie Rou without permission, to visit the city’s flower market and buy flowers.

Who would’ve thought that while buying the potted plant, he would run into the youths who just came back from the trial by fire at Hundred Beast Mountain. The flowerpot was broken into pieces and the innocent boy was accused of dirtying their clothes.

The group of youths recognized him, and nevertheless, they created a disturbance. “Oh, isn’t this conveniently that devil Yue Jing Hua’s little brother?” This group of people were on friendly terms with Lie Meng and his group, it’s just that they came back before Lie Meng.

After the ruffians incident, one day, Lie Meng drunkenly divulged everything. Everyone already knew what had happened. Everything that happened at his trial by fire was revealed, but it was actually all arranged by a Lie Clan elder.

Yue Chen and “Yue Jing Hua” did not have much of a deep sibling sentiment. It’s just that hearing this so suddenly, stunned him. In his heart, he only thought to return home early to tell Lie Rou.

Who would’ve thought, this group of people would linger like immortal spirits. They were tenaciously bothering him to stay and humiliating him with their speech
Everyone had a bit of a bad temper. Yue Chen momentarily got mad, causing these people to raise their hands.

In Lie Clan family home, there was no one to guide him. His body’s profound qi was barely satisfactory. He was merely at second or third rank profound human.

These few trial by fire youths are all fifth or sixth ranked cultivators. Facing this combined attack, Ye Chen was soon badly beaten.
On the other end, Yue Jing Hua spent a few days hurrying back, before arriving at Po Luo City.
She searched through “Yue Jing Hua’s” memories, remembering her position in the Lie clan and the Profound Pearl Imperial Academy.

She also remembered “Yue Jing Hua” joined the trial by fire. After obtaining the profound pellets, she should’ve probably returned to Profound Pearl Imperial Academy to report.

Who would’ve thought that just now, she would walk towards the academy’s busy streets. At the street entrance, she saw Yue Chen being beaten up. The group of people were insulting the Yue siblings.

The exchange was seen by everyone. The younger brother was being disgraced. He could only curse his own situation. He had no profound qi, so even if he was bristling with anger, he would only step forward in vain.
In the middle of the crowd, Yue Jing Hua did not engage in the act. She only hid in the crowd and watched Yue Chen’s reaction.

Yue Chen, was Yue Jing Hua’s “younger brother.” The supposed “younger brother” and Yue Jing Hua did not have half a hair of blood relation. His status is dubious with an unknown past. “Yue Jing Hua’s” silkpants father picked him up from outside before he went bankrupt.

It was widely known in the streets, that Yue Chen is the blood cherry the great Duke bore out of wedlock. Only Lie Rou, with her good temper, would support and take him under her name and regard him as an adopted son.

In her memory, after Yue Chen was adopted, he rarely opened his mouth. “Yue Jing Hua” has never even heard him open his mouth to say something.

Even today, with this kind of gang fight, resulting in Yue Chen’s charming face being beaten into a pig’s face, he still won’t say a word. He only raised his hands to protect his head, with his eyes revealing a tough countenance.

“He won’t even call out for help. Naturally a stupid child.” She knew she had to return to the Lie clan to clean up a mess and also had to deal with this problem child. Yue Jing Hua remained silent and sighed deeply.

Sighing deeply, an alarm suddenly rang in her heart. A sharp light flashed through her eyes. Precisely standing on the west side of the busy street, in a restaurant, overlooking a fence, were two extremely conspicuous figures.

Among them, a person was dressed completely in pink. His hands were in the shape of orchids. He had long legs that took small, delicate steps. His mouth was wide enough to swallow an egg.

Wearing plain clothing, the other person’s face was shaded. His noble aura oppressed her completely. At this moment, he looked towards her.

After clearly seeing that person’s appearance, Yue Jing Hua’s heart suddenly tightened. A shout bursted out: “Liao!?”

T/N: Here is chapter 11! Hmmm…there seemed to be another case of a name switcheroo. Ya Qing became Xie Yu…hmmm

E/N: Sooo… Ya Qing/Xie Yu’s description sounds very much like how a gay man would be described, or at least one whose extremely effeminate. I’m not sure what I’m rooting for anymore (//O.O//)

Extra T/N: My editor got the need to read some danmei~


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