Chapter 10 – Sage Beasts and Heavenly Chains

An angry look flashed through the lightning sable leopard’s eyes as it watched the cultivator high above it.

The mysterious beasts on the Azure Dragon Continent were divided into nine ranks. Their intelligence was not as high as profound cultivators, but their natural cultivation was much higher that profound cultivators. First, second, and third ranked mysterious beasts were low ranked and did not have intelligence.

Fourth to sixth rank beasts were mid-ranked, and their intelligence was just beginning to take shape.

Right in front of its eyes, the female cultivator did something very strange. An odor emanated from her body, making the lightning sable leopard very uncomfortable.

A brightly colored female Profound Human’s neck entered the eyesight of the Lighting Sable Leopard.

The indignant look immediately changed into a look of terror. The Lighting Sable Leopard shivered as it bent its limbs in submission. It sensed a powerful suppressing pressure. Only top class mysterious beasts have this mighty pressure.

After seeing the change in the leopard, Yue Jing Hua raised an eyebrow. The Summoning Heavenly Chain was really effective.

On her neck was a necklace. After practicing the miraculous Divine Spear attack, she took out the mental jade box and opened it.

After opening the jade box and seeing what’s inside, Yue Jing Hua was a little disappointed.

It was a dull and rusted chain. The pendant was not very not noticeable, and the ordinary pebble on it was not much different. The only thing special about it was its crimson color and its phoenix patterned totem.

After seeing that necklace, Qing Pu revealed a surprised expression. This unnoticeable necklace’s background was not simple.

On the great lands of the Azure Dragon Continent, low ranked mysterious beasts were the most commonly seen. Mysterious beasts from the seventh to ninth ranked were a hidden in remote mountains and deep seas, making it very difficult to see one.

Above the nine ranks were the four elements, the sun, moon, star, and the planetary sage beast races. To distinguish them, the East’s Sun Dragon race, the West’s Moon Tiger race, the South’s Star Sparrow race, and the North’s Planetary Martial race. In regards to these sage beasts, they were only ever mentioned in ancient myths.

Even Qing Pu believed it to be only a folk tale, until this Summoning Heavenly Pendant appeared.

The Summoning Heavenly Pendant required a profound pellet from the South sage beast’s Star Sparrow clan. It is said, within the sage’s territory, summoning masters would use this chain to summon an sage beast, but but it was nothing more than a folk tale.

Yue Jing Hua touched the Summoning Heavenly Pendant. It seemed to be a half finished product that was unable to summon a sage beast, but the pendant carried the domain of a sage beast whose impressive force could help suppress any mysterious beast ninth rank and under.

This necklace is that “Shen Lan’s” clan’s heirloom.

Seeing that the Lighting Sable Leopard was completely suppressed, Yue Jing Hua took a drop of blood from it. The Summoning Battle Array shone in the forest.

In just a short while, a lightning-type summoning stamp appeared on the fourth ranked Lightning Sable Leopard’s forehead,.

After the Lighting Sable Leopard was placed within her Rare Calligraphy Heavenly Sea of Consciousness, Yue Jing Hua quickly whipped her horse and headed towards Po Luo, the capital.

Po Luo City is located in the middle of Merchant Country and is situated to the east of the Azure Dragon Continent. It’s a famous ancient civilization on the continent.

At the time Yue Jing Hua secretly got rid of Lie Meng and his group, a turbulence ran through Po Luo.

Within the imposing and outstanding Lie clan, the most well favored branch was the third branch. A group of people were currently waiting to greet Young Master Lie Meng when he came back home.

Contrary to expectations, a dense aura of gloom permeated the fort.

A beautiful married woman meekly begged an old man named Wu Xun.

“Third Uncle, this little Rou begs you to send out someone to inquire about Jing Hua’s whereabouts.” Yue Jing Hua’s mother, Lie Rou, sat within the gloomy hall. Her eyes were swollen red as she begged.

“You’re making trouble. Little Meng’s letter was very clear about Jing Hua being plundered with her whereabouts being unknown. He already exhausted himself thinking about it. He was almost late for the academy’s trial by fire. Even then, he couldn’t find Jing Hua, and with Hundred Beast Mountain being that large, how exactly would you find someone? For the sake of that good for nothing Yue Jing Hua delaying Little Meng from his trial, this blame will be on your shoulders.” Old Man Wu Xun is this generation’s elder. Lie Rou’s third uncle, Lie Chang An, governs the Lie clan’s internal affairs.

“Little Rou, stop bothering.” Lie Rou grit her teeth and lowered her head.

“Hmph, Little Rou, you are Lie Clan’s eldest daughter. Since Eldest Brother died, Second Brother and I persistently supported the family. After your husband’s family went bankrupt, you brought your children, food, tools, and clothing. Those items, were they not all paid by the family? How we regard you, can be considered as magnanimous.” Lie Chang An snorted. He disdainfully opened his eyes at Lie Rou. The servants then drove her away.

Lie Rou fell and struck herself against the hall. Her personal servant, Hong Ling, was observing by the door. She saw her madame’s poverty stricken appearance compared to the hall and spit out in contempt: “Shameless old fool, back when the family’s son-in-law was still alive, he always went to War Dragon Country. The Madame’s maiden name had many benefits. That wealth could support Madame, young miss, and young master for three years and had enough to spare. However, nowadays, Madame is a bullied widow with her poor children, with no one to care for them.”

“Lowly servant girl, you dare to say it’s third master’s fault.” The many servants that stood by, once they heard it they all glared in anger, wishing they could chop up Hong Ling into mincemeat.

“Whoever said that, don’t blame me for being impolite. You damn servants, our family’s Madame is the Lie clan’s eldest daughter. Since when has our Lie family required someone else’s support?” Hong Ling sneered. Her profound qi was like a raging dragon as it poured out. A bow appeared in her hand. She was Lie Rou’s personal servant. Since childhood, she grew up in the Lie clan learning martial arts. All of her martial arts had been learned from the clan.

Those guards were all snobs. The old clan master had died, and Lie clan’s second and third branch usurped the internal influence. They would no longer put Lie Rou in their eyes.

“Hong Ling, withdraw.” Lie Rou avoided her eyes in the gloomy hall as she blocked her most devoted servant girl. “Why are you here? Didn’t I order you to look after the young master in order to avoid him going out and getting bullied?

“Young master’s temper does not like people following him.” Hong Ling answered hesitantly. Actually, she wanted to say, the people she needed to protect is Madame and young miss. That “small young master” of unknown origins was absolutely not within her responsibilities.

“My husband entrusted him to me. However, I haven’t properly taken care of that child, allowing him to become like this. Jing Hua is also unaccounted for. If she has met with unexpected misfortune, how can I face the Yue family’s ancestors?” Lie Rou lamented. Her forehead was covered in a haze of worry.

“Madame, there hasn’t been any news on young miss, and the third master has not agreed to help. Is it possible to go and beg Prince Xiao Yi? Perhaps he may help. After all, he is young miss’ fiance,” Hong Ling asked.

“Hong Ling, this matter of Jing Hua’s disappearance absolutely cannot be let out. This is important to Jing Hua’s reputation. Prince Xiao Yi has always been noncommittal towards Jing Hua. If someone reveals it to the town gossip, who knows how she will appear. I’m afraid Jing Hua would be unable to bear it.” Lie Rou, who originally hid her teary expression, suddenly changed and the emotions in her eyes became a bit stronger. The Lie clan’s daughter’s talent suddenly appeared.

Hong Ling was dumbfounded. In her heart, she secretly heaved a sigh. She was unable to deny Madame’s requests. Before leaving the Lie clan fortress, she went to look for young master Yue Chen.

In the Lie clan fortress, things were dreary.

Nevertheless, somewhere in the middle of Po Luo City at this time, there was a scene of bustling prosperity as people sung and danced in celebration.

“Congratulations your highness, this is great news.” The bustling Po Luo City’s Qian Bin establishment was lively. On the highest floor, facing a window overlook, sat two people.

Although those two people sat in the same place, they both had completely different bearings.

A man held on to the light green jade coloured glazed cup. On this man’s body was a dazzling pink colored long gown. On his left ear, he wore a red stone ring.

The man who congratulated was a peach blossom beauty. His brows contained the spring in the air. The corner of his mouth lifted, creating a rotten smile. His entire person appeared as if it had been powdered with peach blossoms.

The other person is completely different. He wore a grey colored brocade robe. Embroidered on it was an eight clawed flood dragon. The spacious white robes underneath revealed two alluring collar bones. On his body, not a single ornament can be found. In this way, he is even more noticeable than the peach blossom man.

Cold. The plain robed man’s stature was lofty and imposing, arousing an impression of coldness at first glance.

Ya Qing’s(E/N: the peach blossom man’s) hair was combed so that not one strand of hair was out of place. He had deep brown eyes and a tall, straight nose. He sipped the good wine with his thin lips.

The Merchant Country’s illustriously reputed Prince Fa Xiao Yi, heard the peach blossom man’s unspoken implication. Slightly twitching his eyebrows, he said, “Oh, what do I have to be congratulated for?”

“I heard some good news. When Lie Clan’s Yue Jing Hua went to Hundred Beast Mountain to participate in the trial by fire, someone took her.” The peach blossom man struck the cup, emitting a peal of clear tinkling sounds.

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