Chapter 9 – Fourth Rank Lightning Sable Leopard

On the second day, the successfully advanced Yue Jing Hua departed from Hundred Beast Mountain because a genially smiling, bearded middle aged man appeared at Old Xia’s general store. He was allegedly Old Xia’s maternal little cousin who came from far away to manage the store.

From that day, it wasn’t hard to figure from Old Xia’s death that there was a large and mysterious organization supporting him. The old bearded man that represented the organization already knew of Old Xia’s death. In order to remain undiscovered, Yue Jing Hua left Hundred Beast Mountain immediately.

The time of “Yue Jing Hua’s” arrival, coincided with that of the students from the Profound Pearl Academy. The students from the academy had already left a few days ago.

Poluo City, the Merchant Country’s capital, was a thousand miles away from Hundred Beast Mountain. Even with a swift horse, one can only arrive there in ten days.

Yue Jing Hua purchased a strong horse that specialized in long distance travels. It came with traveling equipment that will last the trip to the capital.

From the Hundred Beast Mountain to Poluo, one must first pass through desert mountains and thick forests. Throughout the journey, there were sceneries of elegant mountain chains and rushing streams of water that were much more beautiful than the 23rd century’s steel infrastructures.

Although there were bandits and mysterious beasts on the way, Yue Jing Hua, with her jade ranked cultivation, could finally regard them as threatening but not dangerous.

After the third day on the road, the smooth and steady features of the mountains became precipitous. Up ahead, the mountains were colored a bright fiery red as if burned by the sunset.

It wasn’t until she walked closer that she discovered a large amount of maple trees, a common sight in Merchant Country, planted all over the mountain.

The maple leaves were incredibly enchanting, causing Yue Jing Hua to be on guard. She slowed down her horse.

On the wind was a faint scent of blood.

After practicing the “Divine Spear Attack”, Yue Jing Hua’s six senses improved by leaps and bounds. From several miles away, a burst of sound reached her ears. It sounded like a fight.

Deep in the maple forest, there was a glossy black Lightning Sable Leopard together with three well dressed aristocratic youths.

The three youths all looked to be fourteen to fifteen years old. They had all cultivated to approximately sixth or seventh rank Profound Humans.

The Lightning Sable Leopard is a fourth ranked mysterious beast. Its body is smaller than a common leopard. Only the size of a house cat, and to have both the fierceness and keen sense, it originally should not have appeared in this forest.

In live combat between three sixth or seventh rank Profound Humans and a fourth rank Lightning Sable Leopard, even if there were a jade ranked cultivator, it could only be a fight for one’s life.

The three youths clung to their weapons. From left to right, they assumed a triangular encirclement position. Two of them attacked while one of them guarded, harmoniously coordinating in tacit understanding.

The Lightning Sable Leopard evaded the attack and revealed a dispirited appearance as it found itself cornered.

“Lie Meng, we hit the jackpot. Fortunately, you had a bag of profound loose powder to kill the fourth ranked Lightning Sable Leopard. On our way back to Poluo, we can thoroughly show our success.” The youths’ faces were full of vigour and mettle.

As soon as Yue Jing Hua heard the words “Lie Meng,” she revealed an ambiguous face.

The three youths were all well-dressed. Their leather armor was branded with emblems from Poluo clans. Yue Jing Hua’s old deerskin armor was decorated with a dagger. It was shabby and wretched compared to theirs.

The youth named “Lie Meng” had great height and power to strengthen it. He was Yue Jing Hua’s younger male cousin from the Lie clan’s third branch.

He seriously believe himself to be unmatched. To poison the mysterious beast was the utmost contemptible means of doing things. Only Lie Meng would commit such a nasty act.

Originally, Yue Jing Hua did not wish to meddle in other people’s business. Now, her eyes sharpened with a light. Coldly laughing, she expressed her displeasure. It truly is so that enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road.

This trial by fire event is a group event. Originally, the team needed an academy teacher to lead the group, but they were unable to accompany the teams on the entire journey. They could only order the students to mutually look out for each other once they reached the Hundred Beast Mountain.

Halfway there, they encountered robbers. Considering their strengths, Qi Feng and co. originally were not the three youths’ rival. Even with the female mercenary helping them, the robbers were unlikely to so easily succeed.

Who would’ve thought Lie Meng would completely disregard her cry for help. He would even conceal what had occurred and only said Yue Jing Hua disappeared after the event.

What a good Lie Meng. Just you wait, “Yue Jing Hua” is not benevolent. Now I will show you how I repay your “injustice.”

Killing intent surged from her eyes. Yue Jing Hua silently leapt onto a tree. She flicked her wrist and shot out two silent rays.

Profound jade power attacked a youth’s wrist and he felt a felt severe pain. He gave out a horrible shriek, as both his hands’ bones were stripped away.

The Lightning Sable Leopard saw the opportunity and opened its mouth to attack the other party’s chest. At once, flesh and blood splattered, and the person died a violent death in the leopard’s mouth.

“Fools.(See E/N)” Yue Jing Hua worked too quickly. Lie Meng’s group incorrectly thought that the mysterious beast only did a surprise attack. Their plan was originally to harmoniously combine their abilities to bring about an impact.

If a single person dies today, they wouldn’t know what to do.

The smell of blood excited the Lightning Sable Leopard. It roared in response. Its black fur crackled electric light and its speed suddenly increased by several folds.

Its forelimbs bent, and gathered up power. Like the sharp tip of a black knife, the lightning beast threw itself straight at the other youths.

Red colored the maple leaves as blood splattered all over them. The youth opened his eyes wide as his face twisted and was ripped into two halves.

The scene reeked of blood, causing Lie Meng’s scalp to feel cold. He had been through two fights and had never fainted before.

After instantly killing two people, the Lightning Sable Leopard’s body swayed. It’s vision suddenly shook. The burst just now used up the last of its strength.

Lie Meng was suddenly delighted and laughed: “You bastard, watch as this uncle makes mincemeat out of you.”

He raised the knife in his hand. Step by step, he pressed closer towards the Lightning Sable Leopard. Lie Meng’s hand shook as it was hit and the knife flew out of it.

A young woman nimbly descended from the maples.

Her black hair danced in the mountain breeze. Her eyes were filled with cold killing intent. It was like Lie Meng was in the Nine Netherworlds of Hell. Frightened, he gave a shout: “Yue…Jing Hua. Yue Jing Hua, how are you here?”

“Little cousin Lie, you’re asking why I’m here? Originally, I should’ve returned to Poluo with you. Only, it’s a pity that you won’t be returning any more.” Yue Jing Hua step by step walked closer.

Lie Meng foolishly only now discovered that “Yue Jing Hua” was not the same as her past self. Her body was manifesting a murderous aura, causing him to lose his breathe and become tongue tied. “Jing Hua, I am your younger cousin. Did you forget that before we left, our maternal aunt reminded us to support each other?”

“Support each other? Hahaha, that is seriously laughable. This so-called mutual support permitted you to force “Yue Jing Hua” to eat putrid food, drink muddy water, and sleep in the stables. When Yue Jing Hua fell into a crisis, you looked on unconcerned without lifting a single finger.” Yue Jing Hua smiled faintly, making her look harmless, even though the tinge of coldness in her eyes caused Lie Meng to tremble uncontrollably. “What do you say, my good little cousin?”

Lie Meng retreated back a few steps, unaware why, “Yue Jing Hua,” the good for nothing who couldn’t condense profound qi, now caused him to feel like he was facing the pressure of a formidable foe. “How would you like it? Don’t forget, you are to blame for this.”

In the maple forest, the leaves arbitrarily danced. From Yue Jing Hua’s body, the murderous aura burst outwards, causing Lie Meng to be struck with silence.

“You. When did you become a cultivator? No. It’s impossible. You can’t touch me. You’ll regret it. You will surely be expelled by the Lie clan.” Lie Meng’s eyes widened as Yue Jing Hua’s silhouette already appeared next to him. In a moment, he became the man-eating Pu’s sumptuous meal.

Finished eating, oppressive little Pu shook its leaves as Yue Jing Hua scratched it.

Lie Meng is only the beginning. The Lie clan in “Yue Jing Hua’s” memory was not too splendid.

The Lie clan’s debt, she will clear one by one.

As she tidied the scene, Yue Jing Hua was surprised by the fact that today’s gains were incredibly generous.

The money that Lie Meng and his group left behind wasn’t small.

Lie clan in Merchant Country could be regarded as a large clan. Lie Meng was part of the family’s third branch, and was the sole male child. At fourteen years old, his cultivation already reached sixth ranked Profound Human. Out of all the younger generation, he can be regarded as moderately talented. He carried several expensive toy. Naturally, compared to Qi Feng, a poor mercenary, Lie Meng was much more valuable.

Fifty gold coins, ten silver coins, and his leather armor was made with profound silver, valued at one hundred and fifty gold coins. His knee pads were valued at fifty gold coins.

In addition, among the belongings of the two people Qing Pu did not kill were several profound pellets and a few hundred gold coins.

What shocked Yue Jing Hua the most was what was inside a youth’s traveling bag. There was an impressive textured metal mask. Looking over that youth’s clothing, she discovered he was not from Poluo. He apparently encountered Lie Meng along the way, and became a scapegoat without rhyme or reason.

With all of the items added together today, Yue Jing Hua has gained nearly a thousand gold coins.

These days, Yue Jing Hua has hunted and killed many mysterious beasts. The carcasses were all eaten and engulfed by Qing Pu.

A hundred and fifty profound pellet were all given to Qing Pu. Although he did not know how he would use all those profound pellets, having enough to spend like water was definitely a pipe dream.

After handling the three dead bodies, Yue Jing Hua walked up to the Lightning Sable Leopard. With an air of arrogance, he said: “Kid, your luck isn’t too bad. Your first summoning allowed you to practice your skill.”

T/N: Hope you enjoy the chapter! This chap was full of idioms, which can be a pain in the butt to translate across. If you find something we can improve on, feel free to tell us. But I’m doneeeee…for now.. I’ll have some time to breathe and play mystic messenger. ^^

E/N: As the translator said these idioms whacked us upside the head. One of the references the author makes is to a famous clown named Su Chun, who honestly deserves my respect after doing some research on him. At one point Yue Jing Hua calls the boys “Su Chun” literally calling them fools lol. Mystic Messenger away! Wait for me, Seven, meow~


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