Chapter 8 – Immortals and Devils

As Yue Jing Hua climbed up the mountain, the moon and stars came out and the sound of insects and animals could be heard.

Yue Jing Hua placed the sack of profound pellets and the jade box into her Rare Calligraphy Heavenly Sea of Consciousness.

One hundred and fifty third ranked profound pellets all gathered together, the profound qi they create was enough to attract nearby mysterious beasts. Even if they are hidden in the free market, experts would be able to notice it.

As they said, treasuring a jade ring was a crime. In this lifetime, Yue Jing Hua understood it was best to conceal one’s advantages and skills.

Indifferent to what occurred in the bottom of the mountain, Yue Jing Hua acted as if everything was normal and walked in the direction of Old Xia’s general store.

The store’s entrance was locked up tight. After pretending to inquire about where Old Xia was, she arbitrarily looked for another family store to sell the ironback tiger’s corpse, Even the leather and bones were all sold off.

After returning to the inn and checking the doors and windows, Yue Jing Hua immediately entered the Rare Calligraphy Sea of Consciousness.

In the Heavenly Sea of Consciousness, the jade box was immersed in the empty and vast starlit sky.

Qing Pu’s spirit body had his legs crossed while floating in the Heavenly Sea of Consciousness. After seeing Yue Jing Hua, his beautiful brows raised a bit.

Yue Jing Hua clearly understood his thoughts. Because of what happened today, Yue Jing Hua owed him.

When the old man suddenly assaulted her with a mental attack, Yue Jing Hua only heard a loud roar in her head. It felt like her whole body fell into an abyss mire and it was difficult to get herself free.

That situation was extremely critical. If Qing Pu was just a little bit slower, she could have received severe mental damage and lost her life towards a horrid fate.

“Thank you for saving me just now. What profound merit did you use to kill the old man?” The ash grey robed old man’s cultivation was above average. Most people never exceed past fifth rank profound human, but using a mental attack indicated that he was a profound jade ranked master.

Qing Pu put on an arrogant look of indifference. His slim and graceful body stood up. His cyan shaman robe resembled the starlit sky and draped over him like a layer of fine silver dust. “It was a mental attack. Why, do you want to learn it?”

Yue Jing Hua did not answer.

“You want to easily become an apprentice, but I demand payment for being your master. To learn the method passed down in my clan, I demand that you pay me the profound pellets you obtained today.”

“What?” Yue Jing Hua was surprised. A single third ranked profound pellet is valued at thousands of gold coins. This, however, was worth tens of thousands of gold coins.

“The Azure Dragon Continent long ago lost the teachings of this mental attack – the Divine Spear attack. It’s only a hundred and fifty profound pellets. Today, you should hand them over in consideration of this Oppressor Pu’s feelings.” Qing Pu’s eyes slanted upwards and his eyelashes fluttered like a moth’s wings.

Yue Jing Hua rolled her eyes but did not complain. She went to study the jade box she got from the old man.

“There is no need to look. That is the bronze grade summoning master’s mental jade box. You must be at least a bronze summoning master to employ the force to open it. Neither fire nor water can open it,and weapons are just as useless.” Qing Pu was pleased with himself as he concentrated his gaze at Yue Jing Hua, waiting for her to fly into a rage.

Who would have thought Yue Jing Hua would’ve listened and kept silent. She muttered to herself before tossing the sack of profound pellets over.

Qing Pu was caught off guard. He was briefly surprised before tossing a Yue Jing Hua a summoning photosphere.

Yue Jing Hua broke the photosphere in between her fingers. In her head, texts appeared. “The Divine Spear is the foundational energy for this extraordinary merit law. At the Foundation rank, one can direct attacks towards the mental state. It can create a surprise attack on the mental state, causing confusion and lowered defense. By reaching a higher ranking with this methods, one can kill and be virtually invincible.”

On the Azure Dragon Continent, a person’s mental strength level is determined by their willpower. Due to having an entire lifetimes worth of experience, Yue Jing Hua’s mental strength is unexpectedly strong. In her hands, the Divine Spear attack didn’t even require a night for her to master.

After practicing the Divine Spear a few times, inside Yue Jing Hua’s dantian, her profound qi seemed to be approaching a cultivation breakthrough.

After Yue Jing Hua became a Profound Human, she tried every means to break through from the Profound Human to the Profound Jade rank. She never expected that tonight she would feel the brink of the Jade rank cultivation. She hastily immersed her dantian within the Nine Transformations of Fortune’s Merit.

Her body’s profound qi incessantly transformed. Almost at the same time, in the Rare Calligraphy Heavenly Sea of Consciousness, the accumulated starlight gradually rose up. The serene blue Heavenly Sea of Consciousness shone even brighter.

The Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon lowered itself into the starlight. Without wind, it automatically opened to the blank second page and revealed the handwriting appearing on it.

In the middle of the night, everything was quiet.

Yue Jing Hua did not realize her actions of killing a person and stealing from them had already caused a great disturbance in the Hundred Beast Mountain.

The night was quiet and had little activity. At midnight, the free market was empty and desolate aside from a few inebriated, downtrodden mercenaries who were susceptible to attacks. The dead drunks hiccuped as they entered a corner street.

In a secluded area, a few sinister shadows appeared. There were no sounds as their steps all flurried towards Old Xia’s general store.

After searching for a while, a few people stood under the moonlight. Right there, the light revealed a person’s figure.

A cold and stern voice was heard: “Where was Palace Disciple Xia wounded?” With his expression shaded, a young man allowed three or four white clothed people to gather around Old Xia’s general store.

These people all wore a standard white robe. The lapel was embroidered with an exquisite and elegant design.

“Your Excellency Song, the injured Palace Disciple Xia can not be tracked. In his letter, he said the Summoning Canon was here.” The white clothed guards searched the general store and found the dilapidated bronze ranked Summoning Canon.

“As soon as possible, find the injured Xia’s whereabouts.” The wind blew hard and the young man disappeared.

That person quickly left the free market and hurried over toward the Hundred Beast Mountain.

At dawn, Yue Jing Hua went down the mountain. In the swirling cliff breeze, the sound of suppressed whimpers could be heard.

The dead leaves were swirling upwards into a whirlpool, preventing a man from going forward.

The man’s complexion immediately changed, and he prostrated himself on the ground. “I respectfully welcome Your Divine Excellency.”

The chilly person’s silhouette was like a moonbeam. He quietly descended from the sky.

The violet colored eyes facing the dark night were as bright as the stars, causing people to be unable to look directly at them.

The man offered up the canon. “Divine Immortal, the Council of Elders require the Summoning Sacred Canon.”

“Where did this Sacred Canon come from?” The violet eyed man indifferently asked.

The young man gathered his courage to take a quick glance at the violet eyed man. He only saw that his features were like the matchless stars in the sky. In the young man’s heart, the violet eyed man was involuntarily held in high esteem.

“This subordinate was deployed to Merchant Country’s one hundred and first Palace Disciple Xia. Previously, he was responsible for the Hundred Beast Mountain area by managing his general store. From the time he left the shop this morning till now, his whereabouts are unknown.” The young man, whose surname is Song and his given name is Yu, was responsible for the Merchant Country palace disciples by acting as the messenger for the Divine Judgement Hall.

“Song Mu, know your sins.” The violet eyed man placed his hand on Song Mu’s shoulder. Without the man having to use even the slightest amount of strength, Song Mu was forced to step back. He felt his whole body becoming stiff, like a gravitational force was grinding down on him. His blood flowed backwards and he began to perspire.

Song Mu’s body shook nonstop. His throat felt like a fish bone was obstructing it, making him unable to say anything.

At this worrisome time, the strong suppressing profound force on his shoulder vanished like smoke and dispersed like clouds.

The violet eyed man came out of the winds and stood erect: “Considering you are a first time offender, I will not investigate you for now. These past few days, a group of subordinates have attentively watched the Hundred Beast Mountain for activity. You should look out for someone disposing  large quantities of profound pellets. In addition, the Merchant Country’s capital possess an important treasure that will become more valuable. Tomorrow, you and I will set off for Merchant Country.”

Song Mu relaxed his expression and immediately returned to report back.

After Song Mu left, the violet eyed man’s hand shimmered. The light descended on the severely injured crying wind hawk, which caused all of its wounds to swiftly recover.

Even more unbelievably, it caused the female hawk with her dim grey feathers to advance in rank and gain a dark grey color.

The third ranked crying wind hawk directly advanced to a fourth ranked crying wind hawk.

“This time you did really well. You lost your lover, so advance in rank as a little reward. The Divine Judgement Hall is always fair in meting out rewards and punishments.” The ruthless and tyrannical female hawk submissively bowed its head. It gave out a few cries as its eyes were filled with respect.

The violet eyed man walked to the edge of the cliff and looked into the pitch dark bottomless ravine. In a low voice, he spoke; “The Summoning Master’s mental jade box…” He spoke with great emotion and sighed as the mountain breeze carried the sound far away.

Meanwhile, in the Merchant Country’s capital, the rising sun gradually dyed the clouds red.

T/N: Hope you enjoy this translation! Something weird occurred in this translation where Song Mu’s name was introduced as Song Yu…not sure if it was a mistake made by the author or if it was intentional…but there we have it.

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