Chapter 6 – Summoned Beast

Summoning masters can possess several summoned beasts. The summoned beasts are tied for life to be with only one summoning master. The summoned beast shares its fate and grows with its summoning master. In return, the summoned beast provides the benefit of allowing summoning master to automatically obtain the summoned beast’s skills.

Most summoning masters still at the initial stage are unable to contract with a summoning beast. They must wait until their cultivation rises, then can they select a high ranked summoning beast to form a contract with.

Qing Pu’s body is a first ranked Oppressor Dandelion. His hand was a thin, frail stem with withered and yellow leaves.

It doesn’t have any special characteristics. For example, a tree spirit summoned beast has poison based attacks or binding abilities but the Oppressor Dandelion’s only instinct is to eat.

To most people, it is considered a worthless beast to contract with, but in Yue Jing Hua’s eyes, it is somewhat different.

The beaten dog has to find a master. This whole time, Yue Jing Hua bore in mind that this first ranked Oppressor Dandelion is Qing Pu’s true form.

In Qing Pu’s view, even if it is not useful, then at least it’s a life saving tool. Also, it is unlikely to find an abandoned trunk for the Oppressor Dandelion to live parasitically on.

To have this Oppressor Dandelion is tantamount to containing a diamond ranked summoning master. Most of all, this summoning master will help her become a summoning master herself.

Merely knowing Qing Pu’s personality made Yue Jing Hua’s have another idea in her heart. She refrained from answering him and put on a bothered face.

Qing Pu could hardly control his excitement. Before the current Yue Jing Hua appeared before him, he had already resisted against the evil lines for three years now. His formidable strength had more or less been corroded and worn down.

Certainly, after the Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon had appeared, Qing Pu has felt his vitality recover. Even if he is unable to condense a fake body, he can gradually get stronger.

Nothingness existed at the canon’s space. The Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon was immersed in the middle of the vast sea of stars.

After Yue Jing Hua slightly pondered over it, she agreed to it.

“To my singing chants, awaken and summon thy blood.” A cyan and amber drop of blood flew out from Qing Pu’s body and entered between Yue Jing Hua’s eyebrows.

As the blood drop entered her body, countless roars and howls of beasts were heard in her ears.

It was like opening up a scroll of mythologies from ancient times, as the ancient Summoning Shaman Clan’s blood entered Yue Jing Hua.

An ancient giant dragon tore across the vast sky. With wings like a bursting hurricane, the ninth ranked mysterious beast had its chest torn asunder. The blood mixed together and an ancient roar thundered in her ears.

The first rank bronze grade Heavenly Summoning Formation appeared and revolved in her head. The summoning master mnemonic chant was branded into her memories. From the blood drop of a tamed beast, to the summoning sacred canon, to the Heavenly Summoning Formation, the entire history of the evolution of summoning master’s was stored into her brain, flashing by one after another.

It was like going through an endless millennium and a short wink of time all at once, which moved Yue Jing Hua’s heart a bit.

A young and delicate Qing Pu appeared on her hands.

From the leaf to the stem, the Oppressor Qing Pu’s every slightest and subtle thought distinctly manifested in Yue Jing Hua’s mind. Her intentions were also immediately transmitted to Qing Pu.

That sort of intimate state of mind where they mutually shared such delicate emotions greatly startled Yue Jing Hua.

This is her summoned beast. After obtaining a summoning host, the Oppressor Qing Pu unfolded out a blade of leaf. On top was a bristle that rubbed against her hand, tickling it.

“Attack,” Yue Jing Hua ordered mentally. The Oppressor Qing Pu leaf cracked open a pair of human like lips. It secreted out an unpleasantly sticky liquid.

The sticky liquid could hit targets five meters away. The attacked beast had a probability of mysteriously falling into a coma like state. The sticky liquid also contained a type of decomposing essence and quickly broke down the beast’s flesh, blood, and fur.

Yue Jing Hua’s fingers moved. A glowing vein composed of different elements flowed through her fingertips. As she fell at the last second, an unfamiliar yet familiar summoning sound lingered in the ear. Five dazzling Heavenly Summoning Formations supported her.

Qing Pu secretly lamented: she successfully performed the summoning formation on her first try. Even if he had the descendants to pass on techniques, he would be hard pressed to find such an innate talent for summoning.

Protecting the small and weak dandelion, Yue Jing Hua suddenly let out a sound. Her physique, under the first of Nine Transformations of Fortune’s Merit, restored her ninth rank profound human cultivation. If the strength of good fortune integrates with the Oppressor Qing Pu, something might happen.

She used the strength of good fortune to blend with Qing Pu.

Suddenly, the Heavenly Summoning Formation brightly lit up. Qing Pu let out a joyful groan. The originally thin and delicate stem became several times thicker and stronger. Suddenly, its dark colors paled. The first leaf turned into two.

“Rank advancement,” Yue Jing Hua outwardly rejoiced, but quickly returned to the matter at hand.

Alongside Qing Pu’s rise to second rank, her and Qing Pu’s body gradually became transparent. Ultimately, they completely disappeared before Qing Pu’s eyes.

Qing Pu only then responded, faltering in speech saying: “A Rank advancement variation, who would have thought that this Oppressor Pu would gain an variation technique after advancing.”

The dark sky trickled away. As daybreak came, the darkness broke with bright lights.

In ice cold air, Yue Jing Hua opened her eyes. Her emotionless eyes focused.

The invisible summoning host procured a summoned beast’s ability. She has already became the Azure Dragon Continent’s first and probably only invisible profound practitioner.

Although this ability can only be maintained for one stick of incense, one stick of incense is already enough time for Yue Jing Hua to escape countless situations.

The wind blowed through and her chest became cold. Yue Jing Hua inadvertently lowered her head, and what she saw stunned her on the spot.

No matter who, whoever is discovered naked enjoying the sun, and moreover still have the man’s clothing hanged over it would have Yue Jing Hua’s response.

Last night, she was at a river stream attempting to breakthrough her strange body’s cultivation, which set off the evil line’s yin force, and had to furiously fight to enter the Rare Calligraphy Heavenly sea of consciousness where Qing Pu created a contract between them.

What happened last night at the riverbed? Yue Jing Hua is unable to remember a bit of it. Where did the clothes on her body come from?

“Yue Jing Hua” is sixteen. She developed early and has a background as a profound qi cultivator. Long legs and a thin waist, her figure is much more developed than the average woman. Using the 23rd century standard, she was close to 1.7 meters tall.

The heaven sent white leather armor she was wearing had a huge slash through it. She slowly looked at the ground and saw that the original owner of the white leather armor must have been very tall, with him being at least 1.8 meters tall, if not taller.

The white leather armor was exquisitely hand crafted. It softly and flexibly molded itself to her skin. It was said that the outfit could be worn during warm summer days as well as cold winter days. Not a single stitch can be seen on the armor. Even the current Yue Jing Hua’s profound qi is unable to tear through it. It was difficult to tell what rank of mysterious beast’s leather was used to manufacture it.

An Investigation of her surroundings showed no human’s trace, and the riverside had no tracks left behind.

The leathered armor only gave off a faint fragrance and had not a single sign or mark. Her personal items showed no sign of being disturbed. This leather armor seemed like it appeared out of nowhere.

The white rhinoceros leather armor’s quality was much better than her old and shabby deerskin armor by a lot. Since it was comfortable, Yue Jing Hua unrestrainedly accepted it.

A person’s silhouette flew towards the Hundred Beast Mountain.

In an instant, seven days passed.

In the middle of Hundred Beast Mountain’s hillside, a number of sounds can be heard, such as a tiger hissing as it burst towards the earth like a clap of thunder.

A third ranked iron-backed tiger arched its back. With its four strong and vigorous limbs, it leaped upwards.

Long legs carrying profound qi ripped apart the surrounding air. The strong wind produced by matchless legs propelled the iron-backed tiger’s stomach downwards.

The iron-backed tiger sent out a roar. Its body splayed out and its sharp pointed tiger claws then went to grab.

The person suddenly disappeared, leaving only claw marks on the ground in its place. The tiger felt uncertain.

A ghost appeared in the panther’s shadow as if on command.

Third ranked iron-backed tigers had spines like iron and limbs like steel, with its only weakness being a soft spot three inches below the abdomen. The iron-backed tiger was kicked and collided against the mountain wall, causing the mountain rocks to come tumbling down.

A charming and tender human body slowly descended. Her black hair was unrestrainedly flicked away. Her posture held unusual grace. Yue Jing Hua was smeared with greasy sweat. Her appearance held a murderous look that gradually disappeared.

The third ranked mysterious beast was beaten to death.

Do not look at today’s Yue Jing Hua easy and natural slaughter. Just seven days prior, when she had first met a mysterious beast, she was confused on what to do.

In her past life, she was a female spy. She was good at dealing with other people. The human body has lethal acupoints, so she when she was faced with strong opponents she would use her acupoint knowledge. Although her profound strength is less than the opponent’s, her martial art skill takes them by surprise, which allows her to smoothly defeat them in one strike.

All of Hundred Beast Mountain’s mysterious beasts are different. For the most part, they are tough. Their speed and attack power are all stronger than an average mercenary. A mysterious beast’s bodies cannot be the same as a human’s. It’s hard to avoid this disparity.

Fortunately, after the current Yue Jing Hua has undergone the Nine Transformations of Fortune’s Merit, her body contains the strength of good fortune and she has her assassin-like martial arts to help her. Her ninth ranked cultivation sufficiently matched the tough third ranked mysterious beasts.

For several days in a row, she was in the middle of the mountains capturing mysterious beasts to practice on. At night, she was in the Heavenly Rare Calligraphy sea of consciousness training. She already faintly sensed the past few days are equivalent to breaking through the human profound bottleneck.

After the iron-backed tiger fell to the ground, a small cyan colored stem of a cattail emerged from the earth. On top, it has several verdant colored fine haired leaves. The little Oppressor Pu absorbed the paws of the the iron-backed tiger. Saliva dripped from its leaves, leaving behind a satisfied plant. If one was not carefully watching, it would not be easy to discover it.

“I’ll bring this tiger’s corpse down the mountain.” Her hand went to scratch little Qing Pu’s leaf crown. The cyan colored leaf resentfully swayed about. After swallowing the large number of mysterious beasts, allowed Qing Pu’s leaves to grow by a fold.

The Oppressor Qing Pu’s disposition and evil spirit Qing Pu are not the same at all. The plant’s intelligence is not as quick. However, due to taking in the strength of good fortune, it was particularly close to Yue Jing Hua.

“Don’t be greedy, this time you have swallowed over a hundred mysterious beasts. You didn’t even leave any leather or wool. I’ve let you play around with this area’s mysterious beasts, trees and as well as people, making even a third ranked iron-backed tiger to be hard to come across. This tiger corpse will be used to stifle the population and allow me to avoid Old Xia’s inquiries on why I come back empty handed every time I go up the mountain, and believe I really am going out.” Yue Jing Hua’s attractive long legs kicked the more than 200 jin tiger, and it flew into the air as easily as a leaf in the sky, only for it to land on her shoulders to be carried out of the mountains.

On the way, she saw a few old mercenaries walking by. The group, upon seeing her carrying a iron-backed tiger, was flabbergasted.

“Jing Hua, once you come, the old uncles will come to steal alcohol to drink,” these people are old mercenaries, who came to Hundred Beast Mountain to catch and kill mysterious beasts to make a living. The cultivators were all at about fourth or fifth ranked Profound Humans. This kind of achievement for mercenaries belong to the lowest. In addition, the elderly are unable to live outside.

“Haha, if the uncles must drink alcohol then I will treat them all to a drink this afternoon,” Her long hair was deliberately tied at the back of her head, creating a fresh appearance. Yue Jing Hua does not care about showing the disfigured side of her face. The youth’s brilliant smile quickly influenced the several old mercenaries’ mood.

This child called Yue Jing Hua, goes to the Hundred Beast Mountain weekly. Initially, everyone believed she was a student from one of those great countries that was here to join the trial by fire for a period of time and quickly leave afterwards.

A week ago on that evening, the fiery red sunset burned across the sky.

At the Hundred Beast Mountain’s free market, a disfigured young girl walked around. As she walked, she left behind bloody footprints.

From the mountain top, she walked alone downwards. She disregarded the free market’s numerous eyes and continuously walked towards the market’s most remote family corner store, known as Old Xia’s general store.

After she entered, Old Xia’s beady eyes nearly popped out. Yue Jing Hua brought dozens of first and second ranked profound pellets with her.

Out of dozens of mysterious beasts, there might be only one profound pellet. To obtain that many, she must have slaughtered a great number of mysterious beasts.

After Yue Jing Hua exited the store, she changed directions and moved towards the free market’s pub.

Soon after, the next week gave witness to an open and uninhibited youth. She openly drank alcohol, ate meat to the bones, and showed a mercenary’s bright and vigorous disposition. She gave the people rumors to inquire at the Hundred Beast Mountain and the mercenary’s circles.

In a short seven days, she completely integrated herself into the free market’s life. Almost no one remembered she was not really a mercenary. She is merely a trial by fire student.

After Yue Jing Hua gave out a greeting, the old mercenaries each advanced towards the mountain. They refrained from blurting out their inquiries. A iron-backed tiger is a third ranked mysterious beast. It has thick hides and powerful strength. Most of all, its jaws has an astonishing force that can rip things apart. Even when veteran mercenaries encounter it, they will have difficulty, let alone a newcomer. How exactly did she behead the iron-backed tiger by herself?

After the old mercenaries were far away, Yue Jing Hua’s smile disappeared. It is best to get along with all types of people in order to quickly gain their trust. This is the female spy’s most important and innate skill.

In order to avoid the mercenaries going up the mountain, Yue Jing Hua turned and advanced down towards a secluded trail, where not even a single person can be seen. Passing by the dilapidated walls and broken cliff slopes, she heard a battle hawk’s cry.

In the Hundred Beast Mountain, hawk class mysterious beasts were rare. The only kind nearby were the type that built nests. This was a third ranked mysterious beast, the crying wind hawk.

Only one person can pass through at a time down the steep cliffs with the two third ranked crying wind hawks circling around.

Yue Jing Hua placed the tiger to one side and quickly walked to the side of the cliff. The two hawks that were flying in circles already disappeared into the cliff’s side.

The overhanging rocks at the cliff dropped. The clouds curled around, and the piercingly cold mountain breeze felt like small knives. A scream was heard.

Yue Jing Hua raised her eyebrow. The ninth ranked profound human prepared to battle the two third ranked crying wind hawks. Although it might not be worth the effort, the two hawks are both third rank mysterious beasts, making it more likely to produce a profound pellet. An audacious thought emerged in Yue Jing Hua’s head.

The timid go hungry, while the bold eat their fill. How can one catch a tiger cub without entering the tiger’s lair? After thinking for a while, Yue Jing Hua licked her lips that had been blown dry by the mountain breeze. She lowered her head and mumbled: “Bring it on.”

T/N: Sorry for the late updates. Real life got in the way and exams are coming up. This chapter was pretty darn long and kicked us in the butt translating and editing it, but the next chapter WILL be up on schedule, Saturday.

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