Chapter 13 – The Wicked Master and the Damned Servant

She wasn’t sure if it was due to the evil spirit lines, but “Yue Jing Hua’s” leftover memories seemed a bit disjointed. In “Yue Jing Hua’s” head, the memories regarding the Lie Clan were pitiful. Presumably, she did not live well in the clan.

The Lie Clan was founded by the gifted profound expert, elder Lie Chang Gong and his wife Feng Wang Wang.

Lie Chang Gong was a gifted profound expert who became famous in the Merchant Country. His wife was well known in the continent as the medicinal pellet illustrious family’s Dan Lu’s direct disciple, a high ranking master of making immortality pills.

The husband and wife joined forces and helped the Merchant Country’s monarch suppress wars and evil unrest.

Naturally afterwards, the Lie Clan was known as the Eternal Spring Hall’s pharmacy throughout the entire Merchant country and could be regarded as having a little fame.

Lie Chang Gong and his wife only had one daughter, Lie Rou. Lie Rou was born with pretty, dignified looks, but when she was young she did not enjoy profound skills or pellet medicines. The year she turned fifteen, she went out for a spring walk and by chance met a graceful nobleman from the Dragon War Country. The two fell in love at first sight and decided to spend their lives together.

That young noble later became Yue Jing Hua’s father, who dissipated the family’s fortune, and is War Dragon Country’s most famous silkpants Archduke, Yue Nian.

Yue Nian was the heir of the War Dragon’s Archduke’s house. His natural disposition was uninhibited, and he had a kind and charitable temper. After the husband and wife married, the two harmoniously passed ten years together.

After Lie Rou got married, one day Feng Wang Wang went outside to gather herbs and met an unfortunate danger. Lie Chang Gong cherished the memories his lovely wife, and became disheartened. Once when he went to go refine his profound techniques, he fell prey to a heart’s devil. Afterwards, he became insane and went missing.

Naturally, the Lie Clan was then handed over into Lie Chang Gong’s second younger brother, Lie Chang Shun’s and third younger brother, Lie Chang An’s hands.

War Dragon is one of the two major powers in the East Continent, and the Archduke household had an illustrious reputation. The Lie clan house had the two younger brothers, but they curried favor from the Yue clan. Every year, they would ask for benefits. Afterwards, when the Yue household declined, the two brothers were quick to change face.

In order for Lie Rou to dodge the debt collectors she fled to Merchant country. After she returned to the Lie Clan, she looked towards her two uncles and found the household’s most remote and small courtyard for the mother’s group of three people to live.
This is all Yue Jing Hua can remember about the Lie family and clan.

Halfway into returning to the clan, Yue Chen actually struggled, wanting to walk on his own. Yue Jing Hua had no choice but to let him sit on her horse. They walked straight to the Lie Clan.
Leaving the busy streets, they made a few turns and entered a residential area. Po Luo City’s flourishing scene gradually disappeared.

Approximately halfway there, the inner city private residences all disappeared, and an imposing and broad mansion appeared in from of them.

The tall, towering walls of the household imposingly occupied the east of the city’s area, up to one and a half acres. Inside the household walls were all types of cornices on the roofs, glazed tiled pavilions, and emerald green willows with a very imposing air.

Po Luo City’s acted as the Merchant Country’s rich capital. Within the city, land was extremely expensive. The Lie Clan’s household presides within these borders. Just from seeing how their residence was constructed, one could see their extraordinary financial resources.

Remembering how when “Yue Jing Hua” participated in the trial by fire without medicine or self-protection, or even any money, Yue Jing Hua wrinkled her brows at such a wretched appearance.

As they arrived at the vermilion colored gates, Yue Chen’s hand pointed north, signalling to Yue Jing Hua to enter from the low ranked side door.
Yue Jing Hua reigned in the gale horse as she asked in a loud voice, “Why should we have to enter the lowly side doors and carefully avoid the front entrance?”

Her words alarmed the four house guards at the front gate .

Lie house guards all wore black colored armor with a broadsword, and had fiendish faces.
Seeing Yue Jing Hua and an injured Yue Chen, those guards, one, did not face and salute them, and two, did not command someone to come and lend a hand.

Each and everyone one of them refused to be distracted, making Yue Jing Hua wait and treating her as air.

“Young master Yue Chen is injured. You guys need to order someone to prepare a soft sedan to send him back to his chambers. Go request for a physician to look over his injuries.” Yue Jing Hua inevitably became angry, pointing at the guards.

The guards sneered from the bottom of their hearts, but said: “Subordinates must properly be on duty. Third master ordered that we must not leave without authorization. Violators will be disposed of according to household rules.”

The side guards all chimed in, parroting him.

The guards did not regard the Yue family’s brother and sister as their masters. It has been this way since long ago, and wasn’t just a matter of one or two days. Yue Chen kept his cool and assumed a posture of going down from the horse.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa,” a few clear and sweet sounding claps could be heard.

Yue Jing Hua smiled without anger. Clapping her hands, she said, “You spoke very well. When prompted with the household rules, I naturally cannot force this respectful and loyal guard from his post. He is truly worth being called an example for the household.”

“This subordinate does not dare. I request Young Miss Jing Hua and Young Master Yue Chen to understand.” The household guard’s continued to belittle them in their hearts.

“Audacious servants! Who allowed you to say the young master’s name? Do the household rules, permit you to speak Young Master’s and Young Miss’ names? Before they could reply, something flashed before the guard’s eyes as the his sword was unsheathed from his waist.
The handle of the sword smashed against the guard’s face, caving it in. Blood gushed from his face and a few teeth broke in his mouth.

“Yue Jing Hua…you…” That guard firmly wanted to turn his hand over/backhand/反手, only feeling the cold pressed against his neck. All of the guards became obedient with stupidity.

The sharp and gleaming sword was pressed on the guard’s neck.
“The Lie Clan’s first rule is the masters are masters and the servants are servants. The person walking with two legs are the masters, and the ones prostrating on all fours are the servants and dogs. When you see the masters, you must salute and pay respect. When the master speaks, you must kneel and properly obey. If the master needs you to die, you must not live.” Yue Jing Hua sternly laid down the rules, her words as sharp as metal: “Within the body of I, Yue Jing Hua, flows the blood of elder Lie Chang Gong. He, Yue Chen, is my mother Lie Rou’s, the Lie Clan’s sole Young Miss of the second generation’s, personally adopted son. We are the masters. You guys are the servants. When the master says it is East, it is East, do you understand?” The swords pierced foreword. Five centimeters of the sword penetrated the household gate like it was tofu.

The guard was frightened into a miserable, inhuman color.

“Big sister Jing Hua, you returned.” A sweet fragrance permeated the air as a woman came out from the gate.

On her body, was a hundred pleated skirt. Her slender waist was supple like there was no bones. With oval face, arched brows, and limpid eyes, she was definitely an otherworldly unrivaled beauty.

“Eldest young miss!” When the household guards saw who came, they all respectfully saluted. Their manner was completely different compared to their previous treatment towards the Yue Family’s sister and brother.

When the girl saw Yue Jing Hua, her face showed delight and happiness. She affectionately grabbed her hands. “Big sister Jing Hua, you came back safe and sound, that’s great!”

Lie Si Si was the Lie Clan’s second branch master’s eldest granddaughter. Her disposition was generous, but money and power was a help in any situation. From a young age, she enjoyed the praises from society within the household and city.

Compared with the “abandoned and ugly girl” Yue Jing Hua, they were as different as black and white. Li Si Si was also the most outstanding youth in the Lie Clan’s third generation. She was only fifteen years old but, she has successfully become a jade ranked Profound Human. A year ago, she also became a elementary pellet master.

In the memories, Lie Si Si was the sole family member in the Lie Clan to give ” Yue Jing Hua” a kind look. She was also “Yue Jing Hua’s handkerchief friend (see E/N).

Even signing her up for “Profound Pearl Academy,” and the recommendation for “Yue Jing Hua” to go to Hundred Beast Mountain to participate in the trial by fire, was all her opinion. It can be said, she included herself in the courtyard studies to look after Yue Jing Hua.

Even without needing to ingratiate herself with Yue Jing Hua, the young girl was excessive in her enthusiasm, causing Yue Jing Hua to be a bit ill. Yue Jing Hua seamlessly removed her hands.

“Messenger, go report to concubine Lie. Tell her big sister Jing Hua has returned, but cousin Yue Chen has received some injuries. I will allow the household’s senior physician to stand in for his diagnosis.” Lie Si Si, with benevolent eyes, commanded others to allow the two people to enter.

After Yue Jing Hua and Yue Chen entered, Lie Si Si’s soft countenance immediately dissipated.

With a cloudy face, she walked over to the front of the household gates. Holding it between her fingers, she pulled out the hundred smelted iron tempered sword.

“Yue Jing Hua, it seems that heaven had a path you could not walk. Hell had no entrance, and so you rushed back. This time, don’t blame me for being cruel.” Her fingers twisted the handle of the sword into an iron ball.

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Chapter 12 – The Greatest Distance on Earth

“Little Qi, if you live, I’ll live. If you die, I’ll die too.” The tall, handsome, and bright man’s eyes carried a soft countenance, while committing a lifelong promise.

The king of spies, Liao. Yue Xiao Qi’s eternal protection and support.

Liao’s face and the face of the man a hundred meters away superimposed with each other. It was close to a hundred percent, or maybe ninety-nine percent similar. The bottom of Yue Jing Hua’s heart was slightly sour.

After living on Azure Dragon Continent for a month, Yue Jing Hua knew she could not go back.

The Azure Dragon Continent, with danger lurking at every corner, did not have a bright future. This forced her to adjust her state of mind as quick as possible to adapt to the role of Yue Jing Hua.

She had to let go of “Yue Xiao Qi’s” identity.

Holding on to past regrets would only prevent her from moving forward on the Azure Dragon Continent.

However, at this moment, seeing this familiar face, she know she was destined to never forget certain people.

Suddenly, Yue Jing Hua discovered a difference between the two. This man’s eyes were filled with disdain.

That gaze filled with loathing fell on her face, and he quickly opened his eyes, looking at her as if she was filthy sludge.

A cry of alarm from the crowd made Yue Jing Hua shift her attention.

The Po Luo City’s noble sons and daughters looked on passively with unbridled arrogance as Yue Chen continued to be disgraced.

A person among them pressed down on Yue Chen’s head, forcing him to act like a dog, as he was pushed down to hip height.

Yue Chen’s weak body suddenly stiffened.

“Don’t get up. We’re helping the Lie Clan tidy up their garbage, so they don’t need to exhaust themselves raising useless trash. One abandoned and one mute and dumb.” The silkpants ridiculed and sneered. Yue Chen’s young and tender fist tightened to hold firmly together. The red mole between his eyebrows glinted with a strange light.

“Which dog is blocking this grand aunt’s path?” The stone slates on the street suddenly resembled ignited firecrackers as they exploded wide open.

Immediately, everyone on the street cried out in alarm. They escaped in chaos as the crushed stones flew at them like arrows, sending up clouds of dust .

The youth who took the lead in abusing the noble Yue family coughed. Before his eyes could open, his body was being trampled over by pairs of feet.

The feet gained momentum. As a result, the silkpant’s head felt like it was being hammered by an electric pile driver. First the rubble was just at his feet, then his knees, and finally it was at his shoulders. More than half of him was immersed in the falling stones.

The youth attempted to speak, when a knife flashed in front of his eyes. His cry stopped in his throat.

The half bewitching and half hideous face flashed before his eyes.

The group of Profound Pearl Academy students looked like they seen a ghost. They shouted: “Yue Jing Hua…You are Yue Jing Hua!”

Her hands lightly swatted his back. The youth became a flying arrow, shooting forward with a “pop!”

His feet could not support him, and a sharp “crack” arose from his knees as they fractured.

With three loud thumps, the fifth rank Profound Human silkpant’s forehead smashed into the ground three times. His forehead split open like a burst ripe tomato.

In addition to the two people standing upstair on Qian Bin, the watching crowd could not believe their eyes.

Fifteen minutes earlier, the Yue family’s little young master was in the middle of being badly beaten. Fifteen minutes later, the lead bully beating Yue Chen could no longer be said to have a human shape. He lay on the ground with the shoe marks still stamped on his face, and could be considered to have lost his human form long ago.

Yue Jing Hua narrowed her eyes at the group of silkpants’ faces. SOme had frivolous expressions while some were heavy.

She glanced at the group of silk pant’s out of the corner of her eyes, and they cleverly froze, as if they were thrown stark naked into the winter snow. All trace of their previous fiery and rampant behaviour ceased to exist.

Mother! This is Lie Clan’s female good-for-nothing?! She’s clearly a death god!

“Each and every one of you clearly saw, and some people didn’t move even one hair on their body. The next time you see us siblings, remember to make a detour and walk away. Otherwise, he will be your example. Get lost!” A loud roar charged the air like a clap of thunder.

Having never seen such a purely violent method of fighting, the silkpants frantically rushed to escape the scene.

Dusting off her lapel, Yue Jing Hua walked through the crowd. Her body sent out an imposing aura, causing anyone watching to flee without exception.

The two people standing on the overlook in front of the Qian Bin establishment had already disappeared.

Yue Chen lay prostrated on the ground. His scattered hair covered his eyes, making it impossible to see his expression. After hearing Yue Jing Hua’s voice, he slowly shifted a few steps as he attempted to use a wall to help him stand.

Through the gaps in his hair, Yue Jing Hua saw the child’s eyes stubbornly staring at the ground.

She shrugged and picked up Yue Chen, placing him on her shoulders.

Seeing this, Yue Chen was surprised. He was still coping with his wounds, and he was shorter than Yue Jing Hua by more than a half. How could he possibly stop Yue Jing Hua’s evil schemes?

Several shades of blush appeared on his milky white skin and rapidly climbed up to his ears. Yue Chen struggled to resist, but Yue Jing Hua used some unknown skill to restrain his wrist, preventing him from moving.

Yue Chen was forcefully carried. A burst of warmth flowed from the young girl’s shoulders..

A comfortable and soft energy on her skin flowed through.

Yue Chen had never felt such peace in his body. It felt like he found a friend, or like… his restless worries. His skittish anti-social behaviors and his strung out nerves, suddenly relaxed. Yue Chen unconsciously stopped struggling, and his hand stiffly hung by his side, no longer moving.

This show has ended. A larger show is about to begin.

“Yue Jing Hua does seems to have changed.” Within the Qian Bin building, the noble Xie Yu removed a grape and threw it in his mouth. Pondering over the act on the street, his peach blossom eyes contained a bit of fascination and intoxication.

“Compared to before, she’s even more unbearably ugly and vulgar.” Fa Xiao Yi furrowed his brows. His noble and virtuous personality detested defected things.

The previous “Yue Jing Hua” was an ugly disgrace, but she always had a bit of a female’s obedience. Everytime she saw him, she would be submissive and meek, unlike today’s conduct, which was no different from a local street ruffian.

Moreover, just now, with everyone watching on the busy street, she carried Yue Chen on her back.

Although they are siblings, there is a distinction between men and women. Moreover, they are not actually blood related. Such act is simply a lack of virtues and manners.

Fa Xiao Yi’s handsome face was black as the bottom of a pot. His heart burst with an indescribable displeasure.

Yue Jing Hua’s words and actions today only confirmed that she had been plundered, resulting in the huge changes in her disposition.

“What I said was different. I was talking about her cultivation. Your highness, can it be that you didn’t pay attention to her actions? Tch, power offers beautiful bindings, and pure violence is an aesthetic. This is the pure foundation of martial skills. I have never seen a person not need profound power. Profound human cultivating in that way is refreshing. Your highness, I’m afraid this child’s talent, when compared with the rumored female genius from the Lie Clan, is a bit more outstanding. The Lie Clan will certainly be bustling.” Xie Yu stroke his chin with an enigmatic expression.

“The bright firefly can only be together with a treasure of an equal beauty. The admired princess this prince selects is naturally a hundred times better than her,” declared Fa Xiao Yu disdainfully.

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Chapter 11 – The Prince’s Fiance

“What does Yue Jing Hua’s business have to do with me?” Fa Xiao Yi rose to dance, pulling on the cloth draped over the shoulders of a pampered courtesan. Laughing, she fell into his embrace.

“Your highness, have you forgotten? She is your fiance that has been decided since childhood. In the future, she will be Xiao Yi princess.” The peach blossom man narrowed his eyes and picking open the thread of discourse.

Long fingers poked at the beautiful courtesan lower jaw. A perverse light flashed through Fa Xiao Yi’s eyes. He snorted.

The beautiful courtesan listened in, displeased, as she said: “Boss Ya, you really are making a joke. Prince Xiao Yi, how can you possibly marry someone like Yue Jing Hua, a no talent, no looks, unsightly woman.” She sounded aggrieved.

As for “Yue Jing Hua,” she is in Po Luo City already making a stir or two on her way back.

At first, she had a good reputation.

When “Yue Jing Hua” was ten years old, she arrived at Lie Clan to pay a visit to her elders.

At that time, the late elder was still alive. Lie Rou returned with dignity as the family’s eldest daughter and a duchess of War Dragon Country.

“Yue Jing Hua” and her younger brother were a pair of lovely young children who were the center of attention as they entered the city in a luxurious carriage.

From the highest to lowest rank, everyone from the Lie Clan came to welcome them. That situation lured the city’s distinguished and accomplished to fall over each other in eagerness to watch. From that time after, War Dragon Country’s number one beauty’s reputation spread around.

Nevertheless by the second time, the disgraceful clan was bankrupt and ruined. Within one year and with the ruined appearance of “Yue Jing Hua,” Merchant Country’s thirteen profound institutions rejected her applications.

Finally, she shamelessly begged and relied on Merchant Country’s empress dowager’s protection to enter the Profound Pearl Imperial Academy to trial by fire.

“This prince understands when he listens to you speak that way. This prince’s fiancee is an illustriously reputed person.” Fa Xiao Yi’s fingers involuntarily tightened up a bit. The beautiful courtesan’s fine and smooth skin immediately showed two red marks.

The beautiful courtesan suffered some pain. With eyes open wide open, she was evidently unable to believe that the person right in front of her eyes was a well known prince. Unexpectedly, he was in the city, and he really had the number one unsightly woman as his fiance.
“Your Highness, spare my life. I did not know she was your princess consort.” The beautiful courtesan shivered. On one hand, the ache on her jaw was getting unbearable, and on the other hand, the man’s body emitted a cold air of annoyance.

“Who said she was this prince’s princess?” His fingers gathered power and immediately the bone cracked underneath. The beautiful courtesan gave out a miserable cry and lost consciousness.
Fa Xiao Yi detested that sort of woman and kicked her to the side. “Xie Yu (see T/N), where did that news come from?”

“A letter sent home to the Lie Clan. It is absolutely true. Some ruffians plundered and took her, and up to now, she has been unaccounted for. Contrarily, this made breaking your engagement a good cause for gossip. Tch, however, this is a ruffian. If I didn’t remember incorrectly, Yue Jing Hua’s figure is quite curvaceous.” The peach blossom man flashed with an evil light as his words carried a hint of mockery.

Fa Xiao Yi did not listen anymore. With a mouthful of fine wine, his eyes turned towards the streets below.

The unusually bustling streets had a group of people gathering around.

Four or five people gathered around a young boy. The boy was at most ten years old. His facial features were exquisite, with a white pout, and a small red mole on his forehead, as if he was a new year’s picture lad.

Fa Xiao Yi gazed over and with one look recognized the youth. “Yue Chen?”

“Isn’t that just the way it is?” Naturally, the small Yue family would be obstructed. Tch, look at that appearance, unable to endure bullying from a few silkpants. Alas, this disturbance is no good. They’re stubbornly making trouble right in front of Qian Bin establishment. Don’t dirty this uncle’s street.” Xie Yu’s long legs strode over to leap over the iron fencing.

Who would have thought he would dash forward sluggishly. His mouth wide open and his finger trembling nonstop: “Yue…Yue Jing Hua.”

It was said, she was robbed by ruffians. How is the missing and unsightly woman, Yue Jing Hua, here?

On the side, Yue Chen was blocked and beaten up on the streets by some of the city youths.

On the street, streams of people crowded together. Everyone gathered together watching, with no one coming forward to help.

Yue Chen enjoyed planting flowers. This morning, he snuck away from Lie Rou without permission, to visit the city’s flower market and buy flowers.

Who would’ve thought that while buying the potted plant, he would run into the youths who just came back from the trial by fire at Hundred Beast Mountain. The flowerpot was broken into pieces and the innocent boy was accused of dirtying their clothes.

The group of youths recognized him, and nevertheless, they created a disturbance. “Oh, isn’t this conveniently that devil Yue Jing Hua’s little brother?” This group of people were on friendly terms with Lie Meng and his group, it’s just that they came back before Lie Meng.

After the ruffians incident, one day, Lie Meng drunkenly divulged everything. Everyone already knew what had happened. Everything that happened at his trial by fire was revealed, but it was actually all arranged by a Lie Clan elder.

Yue Chen and “Yue Jing Hua” did not have much of a deep sibling sentiment. It’s just that hearing this so suddenly, stunned him. In his heart, he only thought to return home early to tell Lie Rou.

Who would’ve thought, this group of people would linger like immortal spirits. They were tenaciously bothering him to stay and humiliating him with their speech
Everyone had a bit of a bad temper. Yue Chen momentarily got mad, causing these people to raise their hands.

In Lie Clan family home, there was no one to guide him. His body’s profound qi was barely satisfactory. He was merely at second or third rank profound human.

These few trial by fire youths are all fifth or sixth ranked cultivators. Facing this combined attack, Ye Chen was soon badly beaten.
On the other end, Yue Jing Hua spent a few days hurrying back, before arriving at Po Luo City.
She searched through “Yue Jing Hua’s” memories, remembering her position in the Lie clan and the Profound Pearl Imperial Academy.

She also remembered “Yue Jing Hua” joined the trial by fire. After obtaining the profound pellets, she should’ve probably returned to Profound Pearl Imperial Academy to report.

Who would’ve thought that just now, she would walk towards the academy’s busy streets. At the street entrance, she saw Yue Chen being beaten up. The group of people were insulting the Yue siblings.

The exchange was seen by everyone. The younger brother was being disgraced. He could only curse his own situation. He had no profound qi, so even if he was bristling with anger, he would only step forward in vain.
In the middle of the crowd, Yue Jing Hua did not engage in the act. She only hid in the crowd and watched Yue Chen’s reaction.

Yue Chen, was Yue Jing Hua’s “younger brother.” The supposed “younger brother” and Yue Jing Hua did not have half a hair of blood relation. His status is dubious with an unknown past. “Yue Jing Hua’s” silkpants father picked him up from outside before he went bankrupt.

It was widely known in the streets, that Yue Chen is the blood cherry the great Duke bore out of wedlock. Only Lie Rou, with her good temper, would support and take him under her name and regard him as an adopted son.

In her memory, after Yue Chen was adopted, he rarely opened his mouth. “Yue Jing Hua” has never even heard him open his mouth to say something.

Even today, with this kind of gang fight, resulting in Yue Chen’s charming face being beaten into a pig’s face, he still won’t say a word. He only raised his hands to protect his head, with his eyes revealing a tough countenance.

“He won’t even call out for help. Naturally a stupid child.” She knew she had to return to the Lie clan to clean up a mess and also had to deal with this problem child. Yue Jing Hua remained silent and sighed deeply.

Sighing deeply, an alarm suddenly rang in her heart. A sharp light flashed through her eyes. Precisely standing on the west side of the busy street, in a restaurant, overlooking a fence, were two extremely conspicuous figures.

Among them, a person was dressed completely in pink. His hands were in the shape of orchids. He had long legs that took small, delicate steps. His mouth was wide enough to swallow an egg.

Wearing plain clothing, the other person’s face was shaded. His noble aura oppressed her completely. At this moment, he looked towards her.

After clearly seeing that person’s appearance, Yue Jing Hua’s heart suddenly tightened. A shout bursted out: “Liao!?”

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Chapter 10 – Sage Beasts and Heavenly Chains

An angry look flashed through the lightning sable leopard’s eyes as it watched the cultivator high above it.

The mysterious beasts on the Azure Dragon Continent were divided into nine ranks. Their intelligence was not as high as profound cultivators, but their natural cultivation was much higher that profound cultivators. First, second, and third ranked mysterious beasts were low ranked and did not have intelligence.

Fourth to sixth rank beasts were mid-ranked, and their intelligence was just beginning to take shape.

Right in front of its eyes, the female cultivator did something very strange. An odor emanated from her body, making the lightning sable leopard very uncomfortable.

A brightly colored female Profound Human’s neck entered the eyesight of the Lighting Sable Leopard.

The indignant look immediately changed into a look of terror. The Lighting Sable Leopard shivered as it bent its limbs in submission. It sensed a powerful suppressing pressure. Only top class mysterious beasts have this mighty pressure.

After seeing the change in the leopard, Yue Jing Hua raised an eyebrow. The Summoning Heavenly Chain was really effective.

On her neck was a necklace. After practicing the miraculous Divine Spear attack, she took out the mental jade box and opened it.

After opening the jade box and seeing what’s inside, Yue Jing Hua was a little disappointed.

It was a dull and rusted chain. The pendant was not very not noticeable, and the ordinary pebble on it was not much different. The only thing special about it was its crimson color and its phoenix patterned totem.

After seeing that necklace, Qing Pu revealed a surprised expression. This unnoticeable necklace’s background was not simple.

On the great lands of the Azure Dragon Continent, low ranked mysterious beasts were the most commonly seen. Mysterious beasts from the seventh to ninth ranked were a hidden in remote mountains and deep seas, making it very difficult to see one.

Above the nine ranks were the four elements, the sun, moon, star, and the planetary sage beast races. To distinguish them, the East’s Sun Dragon race, the West’s Moon Tiger race, the South’s Star Sparrow race, and the North’s Planetary Martial race. In regards to these sage beasts, they were only ever mentioned in ancient myths.

Even Qing Pu believed it to be only a folk tale, until this Summoning Heavenly Pendant appeared.

The Summoning Heavenly Pendant required a profound pellet from the South sage beast’s Star Sparrow clan. It is said, within the sage’s territory, summoning masters would use this chain to summon an sage beast, but but it was nothing more than a folk tale.

Yue Jing Hua touched the Summoning Heavenly Pendant. It seemed to be a half finished product that was unable to summon a sage beast, but the pendant carried the domain of a sage beast whose impressive force could help suppress any mysterious beast ninth rank and under.

This necklace is that “Shen Lan’s” clan’s heirloom.

Seeing that the Lighting Sable Leopard was completely suppressed, Yue Jing Hua took a drop of blood from it. The Summoning Battle Array shone in the forest.

In just a short while, a lightning-type summoning stamp appeared on the fourth ranked Lightning Sable Leopard’s forehead,.

After the Lighting Sable Leopard was placed within her Rare Calligraphy Heavenly Sea of Consciousness, Yue Jing Hua quickly whipped her horse and headed towards Po Luo, the capital.

Po Luo City is located in the middle of Merchant Country and is situated to the east of the Azure Dragon Continent. It’s a famous ancient civilization on the continent.

At the time Yue Jing Hua secretly got rid of Lie Meng and his group, a turbulence ran through Po Luo.

Within the imposing and outstanding Lie clan, the most well favored branch was the third branch. A group of people were currently waiting to greet Young Master Lie Meng when he came back home.

Contrary to expectations, a dense aura of gloom permeated the fort.

A beautiful married woman meekly begged an old man named Wu Xun.

“Third Uncle, this little Rou begs you to send out someone to inquire about Jing Hua’s whereabouts.” Yue Jing Hua’s mother, Lie Rou, sat within the gloomy hall. Her eyes were swollen red as she begged.

“You’re making trouble. Little Meng’s letter was very clear about Jing Hua being plundered with her whereabouts being unknown. He already exhausted himself thinking about it. He was almost late for the academy’s trial by fire. Even then, he couldn’t find Jing Hua, and with Hundred Beast Mountain being that large, how exactly would you find someone? For the sake of that good for nothing Yue Jing Hua delaying Little Meng from his trial, this blame will be on your shoulders.” Old Man Wu Xun is this generation’s elder. Lie Rou’s third uncle, Lie Chang An, governs the Lie clan’s internal affairs.

“Little Rou, stop bothering.” Lie Rou grit her teeth and lowered her head.

“Hmph, Little Rou, you are Lie Clan’s eldest daughter. Since Eldest Brother died, Second Brother and I persistently supported the family. After your husband’s family went bankrupt, you brought your children, food, tools, and clothing. Those items, were they not all paid by the family? How we regard you, can be considered as magnanimous.” Lie Chang An snorted. He disdainfully opened his eyes at Lie Rou. The servants then drove her away.

Lie Rou fell and struck herself against the hall. Her personal servant, Hong Ling, was observing by the door. She saw her madame’s poverty stricken appearance compared to the hall and spit out in contempt: “Shameless old fool, back when the family’s son-in-law was still alive, he always went to War Dragon Country. The Madame’s maiden name had many benefits. That wealth could support Madame, young miss, and young master for three years and had enough to spare. However, nowadays, Madame is a bullied widow with her poor children, with no one to care for them.”

“Lowly servant girl, you dare to say it’s third master’s fault.” The many servants that stood by, once they heard it they all glared in anger, wishing they could chop up Hong Ling into mincemeat.

“Whoever said that, don’t blame me for being impolite. You damn servants, our family’s Madame is the Lie clan’s eldest daughter. Since when has our Lie family required someone else’s support?” Hong Ling sneered. Her profound qi was like a raging dragon as it poured out. A bow appeared in her hand. She was Lie Rou’s personal servant. Since childhood, she grew up in the Lie clan learning martial arts. All of her martial arts had been learned from the clan.

Those guards were all snobs. The old clan master had died, and Lie clan’s second and third branch usurped the internal influence. They would no longer put Lie Rou in their eyes.

“Hong Ling, withdraw.” Lie Rou avoided her eyes in the gloomy hall as she blocked her most devoted servant girl. “Why are you here? Didn’t I order you to look after the young master in order to avoid him going out and getting bullied?

“Young master’s temper does not like people following him.” Hong Ling answered hesitantly. Actually, she wanted to say, the people she needed to protect is Madame and young miss. That “small young master” of unknown origins was absolutely not within her responsibilities.

“My husband entrusted him to me. However, I haven’t properly taken care of that child, allowing him to become like this. Jing Hua is also unaccounted for. If she has met with unexpected misfortune, how can I face the Yue family’s ancestors?” Lie Rou lamented. Her forehead was covered in a haze of worry.

“Madame, there hasn’t been any news on young miss, and the third master has not agreed to help. Is it possible to go and beg Prince Xiao Yi? Perhaps he may help. After all, he is young miss’ fiance,” Hong Ling asked.

“Hong Ling, this matter of Jing Hua’s disappearance absolutely cannot be let out. This is important to Jing Hua’s reputation. Prince Xiao Yi has always been noncommittal towards Jing Hua. If someone reveals it to the town gossip, who knows how she will appear. I’m afraid Jing Hua would be unable to bear it.” Lie Rou, who originally hid her teary expression, suddenly changed and the emotions in her eyes became a bit stronger. The Lie clan’s daughter’s talent suddenly appeared.

Hong Ling was dumbfounded. In her heart, she secretly heaved a sigh. She was unable to deny Madame’s requests. Before leaving the Lie clan fortress, she went to look for young master Yue Chen.

In the Lie clan fortress, things were dreary.

Nevertheless, somewhere in the middle of Po Luo City at this time, there was a scene of bustling prosperity as people sung and danced in celebration.

“Congratulations your highness, this is great news.” The bustling Po Luo City’s Qian Bin establishment was lively. On the highest floor, facing a window overlook, sat two people.

Although those two people sat in the same place, they both had completely different bearings.

A man held on to the light green jade coloured glazed cup. On this man’s body was a dazzling pink colored long gown. On his left ear, he wore a red stone ring.

The man who congratulated was a peach blossom beauty. His brows contained the spring in the air. The corner of his mouth lifted, creating a rotten smile. His entire person appeared as if it had been powdered with peach blossoms.

The other person is completely different. He wore a grey colored brocade robe. Embroidered on it was an eight clawed flood dragon. The spacious white robes underneath revealed two alluring collar bones. On his body, not a single ornament can be found. In this way, he is even more noticeable than the peach blossom man.

Cold. The plain robed man’s stature was lofty and imposing, arousing an impression of coldness at first glance.

Ya Qing’s(E/N: the peach blossom man’s) hair was combed so that not one strand of hair was out of place. He had deep brown eyes and a tall, straight nose. He sipped the good wine with his thin lips.

The Merchant Country’s illustriously reputed Prince Fa Xiao Yi, heard the peach blossom man’s unspoken implication. Slightly twitching his eyebrows, he said, “Oh, what do I have to be congratulated for?”

“I heard some good news. When Lie Clan’s Yue Jing Hua went to Hundred Beast Mountain to participate in the trial by fire, someone took her.” The peach blossom man struck the cup, emitting a peal of clear tinkling sounds.

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Chapter 9 – Fourth Rank Lightning Sable Leopard

On the second day, the successfully advanced Yue Jing Hua departed from Hundred Beast Mountain because a genially smiling, bearded middle aged man appeared at Old Xia’s general store. He was allegedly Old Xia’s maternal little cousin who came from far away to manage the store.

From that day, it wasn’t hard to figure from Old Xia’s death that there was a large and mysterious organization supporting him. The old bearded man that represented the organization already knew of Old Xia’s death. In order to remain undiscovered, Yue Jing Hua left Hundred Beast Mountain immediately.

The time of “Yue Jing Hua’s” arrival, coincided with that of the students from the Profound Pearl Academy. The students from the academy had already left a few days ago.

Poluo City, the Merchant Country’s capital, was a thousand miles away from Hundred Beast Mountain. Even with a swift horse, one can only arrive there in ten days.

Yue Jing Hua purchased a strong horse that specialized in long distance travels. It came with traveling equipment that will last the trip to the capital.

From the Hundred Beast Mountain to Poluo, one must first pass through desert mountains and thick forests. Throughout the journey, there were sceneries of elegant mountain chains and rushing streams of water that were much more beautiful than the 23rd century’s steel infrastructures.

Although there were bandits and mysterious beasts on the way, Yue Jing Hua, with her jade ranked cultivation, could finally regard them as threatening but not dangerous.

After the third day on the road, the smooth and steady features of the mountains became precipitous. Up ahead, the mountains were colored a bright fiery red as if burned by the sunset.

It wasn’t until she walked closer that she discovered a large amount of maple trees, a common sight in Merchant Country, planted all over the mountain.

The maple leaves were incredibly enchanting, causing Yue Jing Hua to be on guard. She slowed down her horse.

On the wind was a faint scent of blood.

After practicing the “Divine Spear Attack”, Yue Jing Hua’s six senses improved by leaps and bounds. From several miles away, a burst of sound reached her ears. It sounded like a fight.

Deep in the maple forest, there was a glossy black Lightning Sable Leopard together with three well dressed aristocratic youths.

The three youths all looked to be fourteen to fifteen years old. They had all cultivated to approximately sixth or seventh rank Profound Humans.

The Lightning Sable Leopard is a fourth ranked mysterious beast. Its body is smaller than a common leopard. Only the size of a house cat, and to have both the fierceness and keen sense, it originally should not have appeared in this forest.

In live combat between three sixth or seventh rank Profound Humans and a fourth rank Lightning Sable Leopard, even if there were a jade ranked cultivator, it could only be a fight for one’s life.

The three youths clung to their weapons. From left to right, they assumed a triangular encirclement position. Two of them attacked while one of them guarded, harmoniously coordinating in tacit understanding.

The Lightning Sable Leopard evaded the attack and revealed a dispirited appearance as it found itself cornered.

“Lie Meng, we hit the jackpot. Fortunately, you had a bag of profound loose powder to kill the fourth ranked Lightning Sable Leopard. On our way back to Poluo, we can thoroughly show our success.” The youths’ faces were full of vigour and mettle.

As soon as Yue Jing Hua heard the words “Lie Meng,” she revealed an ambiguous face.

The three youths were all well-dressed. Their leather armor was branded with emblems from Poluo clans. Yue Jing Hua’s old deerskin armor was decorated with a dagger. It was shabby and wretched compared to theirs.

The youth named “Lie Meng” had great height and power to strengthen it. He was Yue Jing Hua’s younger male cousin from the Lie clan’s third branch.

He seriously believe himself to be unmatched. To poison the mysterious beast was the utmost contemptible means of doing things. Only Lie Meng would commit such a nasty act.

Originally, Yue Jing Hua did not wish to meddle in other people’s business. Now, her eyes sharpened with a light. Coldly laughing, she expressed her displeasure. It truly is so that enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road.

This trial by fire event is a group event. Originally, the team needed an academy teacher to lead the group, but they were unable to accompany the teams on the entire journey. They could only order the students to mutually look out for each other once they reached the Hundred Beast Mountain.

Halfway there, they encountered robbers. Considering their strengths, Qi Feng and co. originally were not the three youths’ rival. Even with the female mercenary helping them, the robbers were unlikely to so easily succeed.

Who would’ve thought Lie Meng would completely disregard her cry for help. He would even conceal what had occurred and only said Yue Jing Hua disappeared after the event.

What a good Lie Meng. Just you wait, “Yue Jing Hua” is not benevolent. Now I will show you how I repay your “injustice.”

Killing intent surged from her eyes. Yue Jing Hua silently leapt onto a tree. She flicked her wrist and shot out two silent rays.

Profound jade power attacked a youth’s wrist and he felt a felt severe pain. He gave out a horrible shriek, as both his hands’ bones were stripped away.

The Lightning Sable Leopard saw the opportunity and opened its mouth to attack the other party’s chest. At once, flesh and blood splattered, and the person died a violent death in the leopard’s mouth.

“Fools.(See E/N)” Yue Jing Hua worked too quickly. Lie Meng’s group incorrectly thought that the mysterious beast only did a surprise attack. Their plan was originally to harmoniously combine their abilities to bring about an impact.

If a single person dies today, they wouldn’t know what to do.

The smell of blood excited the Lightning Sable Leopard. It roared in response. Its black fur crackled electric light and its speed suddenly increased by several folds.

Its forelimbs bent, and gathered up power. Like the sharp tip of a black knife, the lightning beast threw itself straight at the other youths.

Red colored the maple leaves as blood splattered all over them. The youth opened his eyes wide as his face twisted and was ripped into two halves.

The scene reeked of blood, causing Lie Meng’s scalp to feel cold. He had been through two fights and had never fainted before.

After instantly killing two people, the Lightning Sable Leopard’s body swayed. It’s vision suddenly shook. The burst just now used up the last of its strength.

Lie Meng was suddenly delighted and laughed: “You bastard, watch as this uncle makes mincemeat out of you.”

He raised the knife in his hand. Step by step, he pressed closer towards the Lightning Sable Leopard. Lie Meng’s hand shook as it was hit and the knife flew out of it.

A young woman nimbly descended from the maples.

Her black hair danced in the mountain breeze. Her eyes were filled with cold killing intent. It was like Lie Meng was in the Nine Netherworlds of Hell. Frightened, he gave a shout: “Yue…Jing Hua. Yue Jing Hua, how are you here?”

“Little cousin Lie, you’re asking why I’m here? Originally, I should’ve returned to Poluo with you. Only, it’s a pity that you won’t be returning any more.” Yue Jing Hua step by step walked closer.

Lie Meng foolishly only now discovered that “Yue Jing Hua” was not the same as her past self. Her body was manifesting a murderous aura, causing him to lose his breathe and become tongue tied. “Jing Hua, I am your younger cousin. Did you forget that before we left, our maternal aunt reminded us to support each other?”

“Support each other? Hahaha, that is seriously laughable. This so-called mutual support permitted you to force “Yue Jing Hua” to eat putrid food, drink muddy water, and sleep in the stables. When Yue Jing Hua fell into a crisis, you looked on unconcerned without lifting a single finger.” Yue Jing Hua smiled faintly, making her look harmless, even though the tinge of coldness in her eyes caused Lie Meng to tremble uncontrollably. “What do you say, my good little cousin?”

Lie Meng retreated back a few steps, unaware why, “Yue Jing Hua,” the good for nothing who couldn’t condense profound qi, now caused him to feel like he was facing the pressure of a formidable foe. “How would you like it? Don’t forget, you are to blame for this.”

In the maple forest, the leaves arbitrarily danced. From Yue Jing Hua’s body, the murderous aura burst outwards, causing Lie Meng to be struck with silence.

“You. When did you become a cultivator? No. It’s impossible. You can’t touch me. You’ll regret it. You will surely be expelled by the Lie clan.” Lie Meng’s eyes widened as Yue Jing Hua’s silhouette already appeared next to him. In a moment, he became the man-eating Pu’s sumptuous meal.

Finished eating, oppressive little Pu shook its leaves as Yue Jing Hua scratched it.

Lie Meng is only the beginning. The Lie clan in “Yue Jing Hua’s” memory was not too splendid.

The Lie clan’s debt, she will clear one by one.

As she tidied the scene, Yue Jing Hua was surprised by the fact that today’s gains were incredibly generous.

The money that Lie Meng and his group left behind wasn’t small.

Lie clan in Merchant Country could be regarded as a large clan. Lie Meng was part of the family’s third branch, and was the sole male child. At fourteen years old, his cultivation already reached sixth ranked Profound Human. Out of all the younger generation, he can be regarded as moderately talented. He carried several expensive toy. Naturally, compared to Qi Feng, a poor mercenary, Lie Meng was much more valuable.

Fifty gold coins, ten silver coins, and his leather armor was made with profound silver, valued at one hundred and fifty gold coins. His knee pads were valued at fifty gold coins.

In addition, among the belongings of the two people Qing Pu did not kill were several profound pellets and a few hundred gold coins.

What shocked Yue Jing Hua the most was what was inside a youth’s traveling bag. There was an impressive textured metal mask. Looking over that youth’s clothing, she discovered he was not from Poluo. He apparently encountered Lie Meng along the way, and became a scapegoat without rhyme or reason.

With all of the items added together today, Yue Jing Hua has gained nearly a thousand gold coins.

These days, Yue Jing Hua has hunted and killed many mysterious beasts. The carcasses were all eaten and engulfed by Qing Pu.

A hundred and fifty profound pellet were all given to Qing Pu. Although he did not know how he would use all those profound pellets, having enough to spend like water was definitely a pipe dream.

After handling the three dead bodies, Yue Jing Hua walked up to the Lightning Sable Leopard. With an air of arrogance, he said: “Kid, your luck isn’t too bad. Your first summoning allowed you to practice your skill.”

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Chapter 8 – Immortals and Devils

As Yue Jing Hua climbed up the mountain, the moon and stars came out and the sound of insects and animals could be heard.

Yue Jing Hua placed the sack of profound pellets and the jade box into her Rare Calligraphy Heavenly Sea of Consciousness.

One hundred and fifty third ranked profound pellets all gathered together, the profound qi they create was enough to attract nearby mysterious beasts. Even if they are hidden in the free market, experts would be able to notice it.

As they said, treasuring a jade ring was a crime. In this lifetime, Yue Jing Hua understood it was best to conceal one’s advantages and skills.

Indifferent to what occurred in the bottom of the mountain, Yue Jing Hua acted as if everything was normal and walked in the direction of Old Xia’s general store.

The store’s entrance was locked up tight. After pretending to inquire about where Old Xia was, she arbitrarily looked for another family store to sell the ironback tiger’s corpse, Even the leather and bones were all sold off.

After returning to the inn and checking the doors and windows, Yue Jing Hua immediately entered the Rare Calligraphy Sea of Consciousness.

In the Heavenly Sea of Consciousness, the jade box was immersed in the empty and vast starlit sky.

Qing Pu’s spirit body had his legs crossed while floating in the Heavenly Sea of Consciousness. After seeing Yue Jing Hua, his beautiful brows raised a bit.

Yue Jing Hua clearly understood his thoughts. Because of what happened today, Yue Jing Hua owed him.

When the old man suddenly assaulted her with a mental attack, Yue Jing Hua only heard a loud roar in her head. It felt like her whole body fell into an abyss mire and it was difficult to get herself free.

That situation was extremely critical. If Qing Pu was just a little bit slower, she could have received severe mental damage and lost her life towards a horrid fate.

“Thank you for saving me just now. What profound merit did you use to kill the old man?” The ash grey robed old man’s cultivation was above average. Most people never exceed past fifth rank profound human, but using a mental attack indicated that he was a profound jade ranked master.

Qing Pu put on an arrogant look of indifference. His slim and graceful body stood up. His cyan shaman robe resembled the starlit sky and draped over him like a layer of fine silver dust. “It was a mental attack. Why, do you want to learn it?”

Yue Jing Hua did not answer.

“You want to easily become an apprentice, but I demand payment for being your master. To learn the method passed down in my clan, I demand that you pay me the profound pellets you obtained today.”

“What?” Yue Jing Hua was surprised. A single third ranked profound pellet is valued at thousands of gold coins. This, however, was worth tens of thousands of gold coins.

“The Azure Dragon Continent long ago lost the teachings of this mental attack – the Divine Spear attack. It’s only a hundred and fifty profound pellets. Today, you should hand them over in consideration of this Oppressor Pu’s feelings.” Qing Pu’s eyes slanted upwards and his eyelashes fluttered like a moth’s wings.

Yue Jing Hua rolled her eyes but did not complain. She went to study the jade box she got from the old man.

“There is no need to look. That is the bronze grade summoning master’s mental jade box. You must be at least a bronze summoning master to employ the force to open it. Neither fire nor water can open it,and weapons are just as useless.” Qing Pu was pleased with himself as he concentrated his gaze at Yue Jing Hua, waiting for her to fly into a rage.

Who would have thought Yue Jing Hua would’ve listened and kept silent. She muttered to herself before tossing the sack of profound pellets over.

Qing Pu was caught off guard. He was briefly surprised before tossing a Yue Jing Hua a summoning photosphere.

Yue Jing Hua broke the photosphere in between her fingers. In her head, texts appeared. “The Divine Spear is the foundational energy for this extraordinary merit law. At the Foundation rank, one can direct attacks towards the mental state. It can create a surprise attack on the mental state, causing confusion and lowered defense. By reaching a higher ranking with this methods, one can kill and be virtually invincible.”

On the Azure Dragon Continent, a person’s mental strength level is determined by their willpower. Due to having an entire lifetimes worth of experience, Yue Jing Hua’s mental strength is unexpectedly strong. In her hands, the Divine Spear attack didn’t even require a night for her to master.

After practicing the Divine Spear a few times, inside Yue Jing Hua’s dantian, her profound qi seemed to be approaching a cultivation breakthrough.

After Yue Jing Hua became a Profound Human, she tried every means to break through from the Profound Human to the Profound Jade rank. She never expected that tonight she would feel the brink of the Jade rank cultivation. She hastily immersed her dantian within the Nine Transformations of Fortune’s Merit.

Her body’s profound qi incessantly transformed. Almost at the same time, in the Rare Calligraphy Heavenly Sea of Consciousness, the accumulated starlight gradually rose up. The serene blue Heavenly Sea of Consciousness shone even brighter.

The Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon lowered itself into the starlight. Without wind, it automatically opened to the blank second page and revealed the handwriting appearing on it.

In the middle of the night, everything was quiet.

Yue Jing Hua did not realize her actions of killing a person and stealing from them had already caused a great disturbance in the Hundred Beast Mountain.

The night was quiet and had little activity. At midnight, the free market was empty and desolate aside from a few inebriated, downtrodden mercenaries who were susceptible to attacks. The dead drunks hiccuped as they entered a corner street.

In a secluded area, a few sinister shadows appeared. There were no sounds as their steps all flurried towards Old Xia’s general store.

After searching for a while, a few people stood under the moonlight. Right there, the light revealed a person’s figure.

A cold and stern voice was heard: “Where was Palace Disciple Xia wounded?” With his expression shaded, a young man allowed three or four white clothed people to gather around Old Xia’s general store.

These people all wore a standard white robe. The lapel was embroidered with an exquisite and elegant design.

“Your Excellency Song, the injured Palace Disciple Xia can not be tracked. In his letter, he said the Summoning Canon was here.” The white clothed guards searched the general store and found the dilapidated bronze ranked Summoning Canon.

“As soon as possible, find the injured Xia’s whereabouts.” The wind blew hard and the young man disappeared.

That person quickly left the free market and hurried over toward the Hundred Beast Mountain.

At dawn, Yue Jing Hua went down the mountain. In the swirling cliff breeze, the sound of suppressed whimpers could be heard.

The dead leaves were swirling upwards into a whirlpool, preventing a man from going forward.

The man’s complexion immediately changed, and he prostrated himself on the ground. “I respectfully welcome Your Divine Excellency.”

The chilly person’s silhouette was like a moonbeam. He quietly descended from the sky.

The violet colored eyes facing the dark night were as bright as the stars, causing people to be unable to look directly at them.

The man offered up the canon. “Divine Immortal, the Council of Elders require the Summoning Sacred Canon.”

“Where did this Sacred Canon come from?” The violet eyed man indifferently asked.

The young man gathered his courage to take a quick glance at the violet eyed man. He only saw that his features were like the matchless stars in the sky. In the young man’s heart, the violet eyed man was involuntarily held in high esteem.

“This subordinate was deployed to Merchant Country’s one hundred and first Palace Disciple Xia. Previously, he was responsible for the Hundred Beast Mountain area by managing his general store. From the time he left the shop this morning till now, his whereabouts are unknown.” The young man, whose surname is Song and his given name is Yu, was responsible for the Merchant Country palace disciples by acting as the messenger for the Divine Judgement Hall.

“Song Mu, know your sins.” The violet eyed man placed his hand on Song Mu’s shoulder. Without the man having to use even the slightest amount of strength, Song Mu was forced to step back. He felt his whole body becoming stiff, like a gravitational force was grinding down on him. His blood flowed backwards and he began to perspire.

Song Mu’s body shook nonstop. His throat felt like a fish bone was obstructing it, making him unable to say anything.

At this worrisome time, the strong suppressing profound force on his shoulder vanished like smoke and dispersed like clouds.

The violet eyed man came out of the winds and stood erect: “Considering you are a first time offender, I will not investigate you for now. These past few days, a group of subordinates have attentively watched the Hundred Beast Mountain for activity. You should look out for someone disposing  large quantities of profound pellets. In addition, the Merchant Country’s capital possess an important treasure that will become more valuable. Tomorrow, you and I will set off for Merchant Country.”

Song Mu relaxed his expression and immediately returned to report back.

After Song Mu left, the violet eyed man’s hand shimmered. The light descended on the severely injured crying wind hawk, which caused all of its wounds to swiftly recover.

Even more unbelievably, it caused the female hawk with her dim grey feathers to advance in rank and gain a dark grey color.

The third ranked crying wind hawk directly advanced to a fourth ranked crying wind hawk.

“This time you did really well. You lost your lover, so advance in rank as a little reward. The Divine Judgement Hall is always fair in meting out rewards and punishments.” The ruthless and tyrannical female hawk submissively bowed its head. It gave out a few cries as its eyes were filled with respect.

The violet eyed man walked to the edge of the cliff and looked into the pitch dark bottomless ravine. In a low voice, he spoke; “The Summoning Master’s mental jade box…” He spoke with great emotion and sighed as the mountain breeze carried the sound far away.

Meanwhile, in the Merchant Country’s capital, the rising sun gradually dyed the clouds red.

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Chapter 7 – The Bold Eat Their Fill

At the high and dangerous cliff, Yue Jing Hua released her profound qi from her hands and feet and climbed downwards

The mountain breeze blew at her causing her armor to flutter. She climbed down a few steps and reached a wide and open platform, causing Yue Jing Hua’s heart to become suspicious.

Originally, there shouldn’t have been any footing in this steep cliff wall. However, three meters below, appeared a man-made, chiseled out stone footing.

The stone footing’s surface was smooth, making it clear that people have tread on it before, as there are no traces of moss or growths to be seen.

Climbing down, she was met with obstruction from the mountain breeze. She had to spend several hours until she discovered a cave at the sheer side of the cliff.

Watching from outside of the cliff, she saw a bird’s nest. Going deeper into the cave, it seemed to gradually grow bigger.

Inside the cliff, a fresh and clean mountain breeze blew out. The air had a scent as if some incense was burnt.

Yue Jing Hua activated her fortune’s ability and gradually disappeared from the cavern, blending into the mountain air.

Going further in, the cave grew wider. It was neatly furnished with two whale oil lamps illuminating the cave and a pine wood desk. On top of the desk was two handleless tea cups and a basin of fruits.

In the middle sat two people, with one of them being a familiar face.

It was Old Xia’s general store’s owner- Old Xia.

He was sitting on the ground with an old man dressed in ash grey robes.

The female and male hawks circled behind Old Xia and let out a tamed cry.

Old Xia’s expression changed from his lukewarm ‘general store owner’ appearance to an old face with twinkling eyes burning with fire directed at the old man in the ash grey robe.

The old man had a haughty look. From his bosom, he took out a bulging sack.

“Crash!” The mouth of the sack opened up and from inside rolled out over a hundred dazzling pellets that shone like pearls.

Each pellet was dazzling with profound qi.

Yue Jing Hua’s heart shook at the sight of over a hundred third ranked profound pellets.

She remained at Hundred Beast Mountain for seven days and have yet to find a third ranked profound pellet.

To obtain several hundred third ranked profound pellets, thousands of mysterious beasts would have to be killed. Since when did a third ranked profound pellet become as common as cabbages?

“As expected of little brother Shen, you obtained exactly one hundred-fifty profound pellets, with not a pellet too much or too little.” As soon as Old Xia saw the profound pellets, his face was elated, but contrary to that, his eyes flashed with displeasure. “Only, last time we agreed to one hundred third ranked profound pellets and fifty fourth ranked profound pellets.”

The ash grey robes old man then changed. “Honored Xia, fourth ranked profound pellets are not so easy to obtain.”

“Then how did the ‘Official Trade of Commerce’ all of a sudden receive fifty fourth ranked profound pellets? The hidden palace in the merchant country has long ago already sent the news, yet you’re still trying to quibble. You are extremely audacious. Out of kindness, the Holy Judgement Hall forgave your past transgression and gave you a new lease on life, but to think you would be a turncoat.” Old Xia’s scolding proceeded to get louder.

The hawks circled around his head as they cried out. Over half a meter in length, the wings of the hawks’ countless plumes turned into feathered arrows and aimed towards the old man in the ash grey robe.

The old man’s wizened hand laid on his wooden cane and quickly brandished it. “Thwack thwack!” The hawk then attacked the wooden cane and sparks literally flew.

Old Xia and the pair of hawks executed a pincer attack using the hawks’ talons. From his body, profound qi poured out and filled the air. Anyone looking could tell he was at the Profound Jade rank.

The old man’s fists could barely defend against the hawks’ attack. His unkempt robe started bulging and burst open.

A golden snake then flew outwards from the robe. The snake was only as thick as an index finger. Once it hit the ground, the snake abruptly grew in size. The snake’s head doubled, and its body soon grown to the thickness of a barrel.

One head, which could instantly swallow the head of a calf, was a fourth ranked golden linked snake. The other head was a third ranked goshawk, which acted as support.

The hawks’ body became metallic and their feathers turned into iron black. Their sharp beaks and talons shined with a golden light.

Old Xia whistled and the hawks flew from opposite directions to meet in one converging attack.

Nevertheless, the golden linked snake’s response surprised Yue Jing Hua, when it suddenly open its large mouth and spewed out golden vapor.

‘Boom!’ The golden vapor hit the crying wind hawks and blood immediately splattered on the ground.

As soon as Old Xia saw this, he knew he couldn’t win and leapt to flee away.

The old man laughed heartily and had the snake wrap itself around Old Xia to constrict him to death.

After the snake wrapped itself around him, Old Xia’s spine crackled like popped beans, each segment cracking one by one.

His pupils contracted, and he gave out a shout of despair. In this life or death situation, Old Xia was ready to risk his life. With his hand shining and his entire body’s effort, he managed to pierce the snake seven cun deep.

Like piercing rain, the raw, hot blood flew out of the golden linked snake. That seven cun cut through the base which allowed him to sever the two heads. The heads then rolled on the ground, signaling the snake’s death.

Old Xia had already become ground meat.

The ash grey robed old man was distressed. The golden linked snake was something he had raised since childhood, and it wasn’t easy to raise it up to a fourth ranked mysterious beast. To think Old Xia would end up beheading it and killing it.

He let out a low-spirited groan. His eyes betrayed his greedy nature, as he picked up the sack of profound pellets and spat on the ground.

“Holy Judgement Hall, don’t blame I, your father, for being cruel and heartless. If it weren’t for the decline of my Shen family, how can I, who is a summoning master’s descendant, be your lackey?” His voice then fell as he felt extreme pain as his eyeballs popped out.

A knife had silently pierced his heart. The knife had originally been in the dead, stiff hands of Old Xia.

“You…” The ash grey robed old man fell to the ground with a loud crash.

Yue Jing Hua wiped her forehead full of cold sweat and pulled out the knife. She looked around the cave and at the two parties that didn’t gain anything from the altercation.

Relying on what she just saw, Old Xia’s identity was not simple. It seemed like the Holy Judgement Hall was a mysterious force in the Hundred Beast Mountain.

This ash grey robed old man was probably the descendant of the summoning master, Shen Lan. This cave was probably Old Xia’s and his meet up point.

During the profound pellet exchange, Yue Jing Hua felt a chill. The incomparable strength pierced right through her consciousness.

The old man’s dark mental strength came out from his body and attacked Yue Jing Hua’s state of mind.

“Child, you dare plot against me. Allow me to show you the might of the Shen Lan family!” Clamoured laughter bursted out and abruptly stopped.

An alarming consciousness blotted out the sky and covered the earth. A burst of evil laughter filled the air. The ash grey robed old man’s mental strength struggled but was thoroughly broken.

Yue Jing Hua felt cold sweat run down her back.

“Right in front of me, a girl courted death by using cheap tricks to attack. You really aren’t careful, huh?” Qing Pu ridiculed.

In the cave, the old man’s eyes turned white. In fact, he had already died.

Yue Jing Hua forced a smile, when the bottom of her heart felt pensive.

This place’s circumstances was unbearable. After packing up the sack of profound pellets, Yue Jing Hua searched the dead bodies.

Old Xia’s body held a command tablet. Written on it was “One Hundred and One.” She also found several human face masks on him.

Yue Jing Hua impolitely took it all and stored it in her sack. When rummaging around ash grey robed old man’s body, she found a small jade box.

The box was only the size of her palm. It did not have a lock nor a crack to open it. Grasping it in her hand, she felt a ice-cold sensation emanating from it. If it wasn’t for the polished appearance, Yue Jing Hua would believe it to be a simple block of jade.

Using a knife to cut along the box, she still couldn’t find any notches.

Even when she used the whale oil lamps to burn the box, it showed no signs of change.

Seeing that it was already past morning, and that it was extremely gruesome inside the cave, Yue Jing Hua decided to return to the free market. She cast the bodies off the cliff and retrieved the box. She used the same route as before to return up the cliff.

Shortly after Yue Jing Hua left, the female hawk that was on the muddy and bloody ground staggered and flew out of the cave.

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